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Kitchen Design

Interesting design options for the kitchen

Practical kitchen room design The design of the kitchen room is not only the organization of a comfortable work area and convenient furniture placement, but also the formation of a space character that will charge you with energy during cooking. Therefore, the choice of style in this case is very important. Vintage style will never […]

Interesting design of the kitchen from Trunk Creative Ltd in the premises of the former aircraft factory, London, England

Limited financial possibilities allowed owners of apartments in the London area of ​​Clapton (Clapton) to reconstruct them only after several years of living in this house. The owner of the building, built in the 1930-ies, shares an apartment with two friends, and there is no doubt that the three girls just need a practical, organized […]

In front of everyone: the design of a glass kitchen

Design of glass kitchen The design of glass kitchen is a complicated thing . Well-known nutritionist Brian Wansink wrote: In food, better guided by the principle "out of sight – out of mind!" As practice shows and most studies, the first eaten food, which lies in sight. If you have open shelves, then make them […]

Important design parameters of the kitchen island: we take into account the size, height, the possibility of embedding technology, storage systems and much more .

One of the most difficult and necessary premises in the house is the kitchen. And homeowners often wonder about what should be the ideal kitchen island design? While there is no ready-made formula for its creation, some of our recommendations will help to find the right solution. Excellent ideas are offered by design professionals Steve […]

If the layout of the kitchen is linear: 10 ways to improve the design

Linear layout of the kitchen: effective and attractive In those cases where the availability of free space is a priority, can the linear layout of the kitchen be the preferred solution? Single-row headsets occupy the smallest area in comparison with analogues of another configuration, because – as their name implies – all their components are […]

Ideas for kitchen floor design in the form of a chess board

The chess floor is a classic of the genre. Along with strips, this is one of the most popular ideas for coloring the flooring. The idea is used in different rooms, but most organically it is performed in the kitchen. Even in modern design of the house, the chess floor remains relevant. The design features […]

Ideas for kitchen design in a country house

Presenting the situation of the kitchen in a private house, we unwittingly lean towards the country style. In modern design, which involves a harmonious combination of the latest technologies in the field of home appliances, the latest developments in the ocean of artificial materials for decoration, objects in the country style look surprisingly organic. And […]