Kitchen design options


The design of your house or apartment is a troublesome and responsible business. Begins to arise a lot of questions. And in order not to get confused in this issue and the variety of choice, let's try to consider ways to solve the design of the premises, which is not the last place in our home – the kitchen.

First steps

First of all, you need to decide on the design. According to professional designers for the kitchen there are two main styles:

Traditional (or else it is called classical)

Modern (modern)

A separate point can be identified, the so-called trendy trend, which includes "Hi-tech" and "Minimalism."

Before planning the design of the kitchen, you need to prepare well. What does it mean:

  1. Determine how the kitchen appliances will be located before you order furniture or buy a ready-made one, set the necessary number of outlets. If you plan to install furniture in two lines, then draw a water pipe to the place where the tap will be.
  2. Think about the number of cabinets and their location. It is necessary to take into account where the dishes will be stored, which is rarely used, and vice versa, which cabinets are better to hang, so that it is convenient to get dishes of daily use. Or maybe do without hinged cabinets and replace them with open shelves.
  3. You may need to set the backlight above the work surface. This point should not forget to take into account when marking electricians.

Types of furniture design for the kitchen and its layout

The furniture is arranged in one line. Ideal for a small space or a family of two. If there is an opportunity to combine kitchen and dining room, you can purchase a pull-out fold-out dining table, thereby widening the passage area.

The location is in two lines. With this design, the kitchen is compact and stylish.

L-lay-out. It is considered universal for any premises, unless it is not very convenient to be in a very narrow kitchen.

U-planning. Designers consider this layout the most successful in terms of convenience and safety, as all furniture and appliances are located along the walls.

Kitchen-peninsula or kitchen-island. This design option will be useful for large rooms. Kitchen-island is a combination of L-shaped or U-shaped model with an additional working surface in the middle.

The choice of furniture is only half the case. To make the kitchen really cozy and comfortable, you need to choose the right textiles so that it harmoniously complements the interior of the kitchen.

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