Kitchen design in wenge color


Exquisite design of the kitchen in wenge color is suitable for true connoisseurs of luxury and comfort. Today this prestigious rich coloring is very popular. It looks very aesthetic and has a huge number of benefits and positive feedback.

This elegant noble material perfectly sets the accents in the design of the kitchen. Its coloration can have various rich shades: from black to golden brown. These tones for a long time will create an unusually chic atmosphere in the room.

The wenge color pattern resembles the fibrous structure of the wood, although the surface of the material is even. This kitchen combined with a stylish decor looks very aristocratic and exquisite. In this case, the room has a stunning chic appearance, maintaining restraint and solidity.

This material in the original has a high cost and is too expensive for many customers. Therefore, to date, designers offer a wide selection of raw materials, which has the same appearance, but cheaper composition.

When applying wenge color in the design of the kitchen, it is necessary to remember some of its nuances. Saturated black tones create a rather gloomy atmosphere in the room.

The situation is exacerbated by the use of dark decor elements. Professionals do not recommend to install such low-light kitchens.

In rooms that are not located on the sunny side and do not have additional lighting, you can apply a light shade of wenge. The remaining kitchen surfaces should be given neutral white-cream tones. This will create an atmosphere of lightness and good mood in the room.

Create a stunning and exquisite image in the kitchen with the help of a combination of opposite colors. In this case, the furniture will have a wenge tone, and the floors, walls, and ceiling will differ in light color. This successful combination will perfectly place the accents in the room.

It should be borne in mind that this color is in good harmony with calm beige, olive and light brown colors. Very exquisitely wenge looks in combination with white and light gray tones. In this case, the dining area takes on an unusual welcome.

In spacious, well-lit kitchens, the wenge color looks great with juicy orange, yellow, bright red and even blue tones. When using each of the proposed options the kitchen will have a presentable appearance and delight the look of the owners.

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