Kitchen design in the house: option for large and small rooms


Design of U-shaped kitchen in the house

The design of the U-shaped kitchen in the house is a compact way of placing the working surfaces in the shape of the letter P, when three walls of the room are occupied by the components of the headset, and in the fourth there is an entrance. This is ideal for small square kitchens. In a spacious room, a considerable distance between the opposite working surfaces may cause some inconvenience.

Such design of the kitchen space allows for a large number of shelves and cabinets for storing utensils and household tools, and also creates conditions for increasing the area of ​​working surfaces. The disadvantages include the fact that in the U-shaped kitchens it is inconvenient to cook food for several people at the same time.

The location of the work surfaces should be associated with the placement of windows in the room. Since the wall in which they are, can not be used for hanging cabinets, it is near it that it is necessary to organize a dishwasher.

Option with side window

If the area allows, it is possible to build something like a wall protrusion or a small vertical partition in order to hide the working surface from the eyes of the diners.

U-shaped lay-out is particularly suitable for tight spaces. It allows you to provide space for storing and cooking food, but at the same time it provides freedom of maneuvering.

It happens that in the house it is simply impossible to find a place to decorate the dining room. In this case, the U-shaped layout is the most competent solution. The thing is that the counter on which the food is prepared can take on the functions of the dining area, it is just necessary to equip it with a table top that protrudes from one side and add stools suitable for style.

Table-island in the interior

Bar counter in the interior

The main advantage of such an interior is the possibility of its implementation in large areas, as well as in small rooms. This is a practical and convenient option that will make the use of the kitchen comfortable and convenient for all members of the family.

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