Kitchen design in a rustic style: advice from creative masters


Kitchen design in rustic style: 3 bright interior

The design of the kitchen in the rustic style is very popular nowadays. Its distinctive features are: the use of eco-friendly materials (wood and natural stone), wood and tile trimmed with ceiling and floor coverings, artificially aged furniture, cozy antique lamps, and sometimes a functioning fireplace.

Almost all these elements are present in the interiors of those kitchens, about which we want to tell you today.

A spacious room with a lot of windows, bulky chests of drawers, wooden tables and curbstones, marble top and thick cast iron grilles on the stove. It belongs to the owners of a large mansion in one of the districts of the American state of Maine.

The authors of this project were the designers of the famous company Denise Stringer, who managed to create both a luxurious and charming atmosphere, as if expanding any time frame.

The main feature of the decor can be called a stylish cream-brown palette

The kitchen of a private house in New Hampshire, designed by designer Lisa Destefano, is very reminiscent of the renewed space, whose history began somewhere else at the beginning of the last century.

Yellowish wallpaper with floral prints, heavy wooden beams on the ceiling and cracked tiles on the floor are complemented by new furniture of bright yellow and purple hues and a luxurious crystal chandelier above the dining area.

Very appropriate look antique clock in the corner and pictures in gilded frames

A slightly more modern and light version with an organic combination of masonry, marble countertops and white furniture facades made of wood can be seen in a private house in North Minnesota. Over its creation, experienced designer Dan Hirley worked as an employee of RemWhirl.

The only bright accent is a red plate with metal parts

And how do you feel about rural style in the kitchen interior?

The design of the kitchen in the rustic style is an excellent option from the point of view of creating a cozy atmosphere. And with this task, this design option is doing great. In general, for my part – an exceptionally positive attitude.

What a cozy kitchen design in a rustic style! In such a kitchen, you want to climb onto a tall stool and watch how mom and grandmother bake pancakes.

The design of the cuisine in the rustic style is very subtle in its way. After all, from it you can create almost any atmosphere, strict, classical, bright, cheerful, Slavic and pagan. With a fireplace and without it. A lot of options, in the article I found quite an interesting version of Dan Harley.

The design of the kitchen in the rustic style is gaining popularity, and it can not but rejoice! I think all this because we live in a rapidly developing world and want something so calm and stable that can mentally bring us back to childhood. In general, for me, the ideal style is rustic.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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