Kitchen design in a country house: vintage, modern and hand-made


Kitchen design in a country house in which modern and vintage details have organically combined

The design of the kitchen in Ryan's country house and Erin McLaughlin is the result of almost their 12-year search. According to the owners own words, of 100% of their ideas were realized no more than 1%. Two years ago they finally decided to dwell on the concept of an open kitchen and combine it with the living room.

To revitalize the interior it was possible with the help of white cabinets, bright curtains on the windows, numerous light elements and metal chairs in the style of hi-tech.

The greatest pride of Erin is the sink in the farmer's style. The model with a wide front edge looks very organic and is ideal for a country interior.

The fact that the lamps will be white, the owners decided long before the transformation of the kitchen

Kitchen table Erin purchased at a garage sale for 10 $

The kitchen moves smoothly into the living room, where comfort and homeliness reign. The family philosophy of McLaughlin is based on the belief that every object should work, and not just be an adornment, to which it is scary to touch because of its fragility and high cost.

Even a vintage chest of drawers is used for the purpose – to store things

The two letters E in this inscription are cut with a jigsaw from old books

Children's books are kept in old bottles

Cabinets in the kitchen and living room are identical, which makes the transition between spaces smooth and organic

Part of the garage was converted into a laundry room. A few meters away, we managed to place a washing machine and dryer, hangers with bags for clothes, a magnetic record board and hanging cabinets for household trivia. In the other part, from the side of the back door, it was decided to arrange an anteroom.

Directly at the rate – a chalk board, and on the left – metal, for fastening of notes by means of magnets

Hooks, baskets, shoe shelves and boxes contain all the outer clothing in a neat appearance

Erin runs the paper production company Perfect Sentiment right from home, so she needed a home office. For him there was a place in the former dining room

The black panels of the cabinets effectively contrast with the green vinyl upholstery of the chairs

An honorary place in the living room was taken by a family heirloom – an old spinet

The calm dark gray decor of the bedroom fits perfectly with the yellow accents

Wooden bureau acts as a bedside table

Kate's daughter's room is full of bright geometric patterns. Fluttering dragonflies on curtains, a parrot in a cage, paper pompons – all these details perfectly correspond to the thinking of a teenage girl.

The soft blue background is diluted with juicy impregnations of yellow color

Paper pom-poms can be made by one's own hands

The design of Owen's room demonstrates the predominance of light wood. The space is unobtrusively divided into three zones – for rest, reading and games.

Above the head of the bed hangs a world map

Storage systems from IKEA help the young inhabitant of the room to monitor the order

Homeowners Ryan and Erin McLaughlin with their children Kate and Owen

The example of this couple shows that the original interior does not always require serious financial investments. Sometimes in order to purchase a stylish accessory, it's enough to look at the flea market.

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