Kitchen design ideas that will surprise you


Bold kitchen design ideas

We have collected for you the best ideas of kitchen design from the experience of real people who have independently coped with its repair and interior decoration. A colorful kitchen with this photo is in Southern California. Its owners placed open shelves along all the walls, which provided for storage and free space. Cabinets could not guarantee such a brilliant result.

The mistress of kitchen Beatriz is very happy with shelves: all always on a kind. A bright cement tile with Moroccan ornament pleases the eye and never gets bored.

Rustic for the kitchen

A tin apron with embossment creates an ideal backdrop for the royal blue color present in the decor of the hotel elements of this cozy kitchen in Oregon. Although initially a preference was given to Mexican tiles with a pattern. Then the owners had no idea what their kitchen would be like. Agree, this unusual and inexpensive apron is an ideal variant for many interiors.

About 10 years spent the owners to create a kitchen of your dreams in the style of rustic. We know a secret with you: more than a tree.

The second life of wooden panels

The Danger brothers from Portland made a living studio from their wooden garage. All space is decorated in an industrial style. The wood is used for finishing cabinets and boxes, and concrete for worktops and floors.

Refreshing color spots

Colorful toys and vintage items are part of the kitchen design in the house of an English couple. The couple creatively approached the design of the interior and appropriately used the old metal logos of Coca-Cola, and the numerous colored trifles that were collected during 10 years, perfectly complement such a simple, at first glance, cuisine.

Collection of colored dishes

The kitchen of the family from Ohio looks very bright and airy due to the correctly chosen color scheme and the presence of open shelves. The owner of the house is a master of carpentry. Instead of standard cabinets, he himself made shelves in the kitchen. Open designs demonstrate a colorful collection of dishes.

They bought a cast-iron sink at the sale, she is many years old. The family often gets things with history, because if they have served for so long, they will be able to please the eye for more than one year.

Bright colors and super strong floors

Playful shades emphasize light walls, creating in the kitchen of Sarah and Zak Vasserov Scandinavian mood. This talented couple got rid of the numerous layers of linoleum in the kitchen to replace them with a softwood coating treated with rubber tar. Usually this material is used in automobile saloons and aviation hangars.

Such unusual coverage was chosen not casually: such a sex is not terrible claws of two puppies living in the house.

Photographer's kitchen in London

Kara Conel chose neutral colors to decorate her kitchen and painted the edges of the cabinets in bright pink, which can be detected only when the doors are open. Photos of friends and family within the framework are placed on the top shelf – a great idea! Professional assistance is still needed Kara: four days in the house worked as a decorator. It is immediately evident that this kitchen belongs to a creative person.

Bleached brick – a good background for decor

Previous owners left a spacious kitchen in excellent condition, which was very successful for the Martin family from New Orleans. The new owners whitewashed the brick wall, achieving the desired effect: a white structured wall is an excellent background for any painting or other decorative element.

An interesting idea was offered by the designer: a staircase, like in a bookstore, helps to get to the very top cupboards in this kitchen with very high ceilings.

Metal legs – stylish detail

What do you think, what made the legs of this original kitchen island? Of 86-centimeter bearings of some factory machine, thrown to the dump. Seats of chairs are made from recycled wood. How do you like this solution? The American family from Washington, which owns this country house, is very pleased.

Interesting ideas, is not it? Tell us about your non-standard solutions for the kitchen!

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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