Kitchen design ideas: how to organize an original coffee center


Ideas of kitchen arrangement, offered to the attention of readers of this post, may help those who are looking for the optimal solution, how to organize an original coffee center at home.

Many homeowners keep the coffee machine the first item on the wish list for their kitchen. Having the opportunity to cook an aromatic cup of a favorite drink in the morning, treat friends and family after dinner is a great way to not only improve the kitchen area, but also to cheer everyone around.

Today, to organize such a center, you do not need anything other than an electric appliance and a cup. Modern machines are full of all sorts of technical accents and innovations that builds the art of brewing coffee to a completely different level.

Components for a truly luxurious coffee center:

Coffee grinders

At the time of my childhood, the sound of this device was a signal for awakening. And our time is the era of prepackaged ground coffee. But true connoisseurs of a fragrant drink consider that the presence of a coffee grinder is mandatory.

Enclosed coffee machines

Nowadays there are many difficult options on the market of these devices, including those that work with ready-made coffee capsules. For sure, real baristas will be able to clearly identify all the pros and cons of a particular model.

But for ordinary people, the main criteria, as a rule, are the cost and appearance, which should be combined with the overall stylistics of the kitchen interior.

Built-in coffee machines

It seems that it is impossible to remain indifferent to such kind of devices, people either love or hate it. Such devices are produced in two types – vertical and those that are filled with water. The choice should depend on the quality of the water in your area and how often you plan to use the device.

Compact refrigerator

The integrated refrigerator box, which holds milk and coffee in hand, is, of course, the best option. But the mini-refrigerator is quite suitable for these purposes.


A very small sink will be an excellent option. The narrow shells are integrated very successfully into the coffee centers.

If you were thinking about including a reverse filtration system with a small tap for drinking water, then this option would be ideal for organizing a place to make coffee.

Heated box

Consider installing this miracle of kitchen instrumentation under your espresso machine. You will always have warm cups at hand. This will help freshly brewed coffee stay hot longer and warm you up on a cold morning.

A small box will only serve to warm up the mugs, and larger sizes the device will be able to accommodate dishes with food. Thus, the device is useful not only for making your favorite drink.

Where to put the coffee station?

Approaching the choice of such a place is necessary with the mind. If it is a center for preparing a full breakfast, then it should be near the cleaning and cooking areas, but it is still close to the refrigerator. There is an option for installing a coffee machine somewhere between the kitchen and the dining room.

A spacious pantry (if any) will also be a suitable place. Pay attention to the narrow drawer under the top in this photo. It is ideal for such a limited space for a coffee center.

Hidden Spaces

Many homeowners prefer to hide their coffee making zone from prying eyes. Closing cabinet, equipped with a table top, is best suited in this case. In addition, this option is perfectly combined with the modern design of the kitchen interior.

Breakfast area

If you have enough space, then you can organize a full center for preparing morning meals around the coffee machine, including a toaster and a microwave oven. If space allows, then you can place a number of storage systems for your favorite bread and other products.

Other changes will help to combine the coffee center with the bar, by adding beverages, a wine cooler or a cooling box, as well as items for storing utensils, napkins, openers and other things.

Unusual exhibits

Sometimes the coffee center is more suitable for standing out, rather than hiding among household appliances. The non-standard form of this coffee station is a reaction to other, full of dynamism, lines in the modern interior.

We will be happy to hear from readers online magazine Ideas for kitchen interiors about the role of coffee machines in their lives. Leave your posts and photos in the comments!

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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