Kitchen decor: decorate the interior for the New Year's Eve and prepare a sumptuous table


We are all accustomed to colorfully decorate the living room and windows, a children's room and an anteroom so that the apartment can create a great mood before the New Year holidays.

And in this bustle we forget that in the kitchen the mistress and her volunteers spend quite a long time, preparing special dishes for the annual family celebration.

The decoration of this room has the same meaning as the festive decor of the rest of the rooms. And today we will try to help our readers in this difficult matter with a few useful tips.

Before the beginning of decorating the whole room, it is necessary to put in it the perfect order and remove all unnecessary items, so as not to overload the interior. On the table, you can leave the original vase for fruit with spruce needles.

A few ideas for the kitchen

Doors of the refrigerator designers are advised to tie up a wide ribbon of bright color and tie a big bow – get an original New Year gift, which immediately creates a special mood in the room.

Hanging from the cupboards and the entrance door, festive wreaths of fir branches will give the whole interior a New Year's appearance and bring a certain charm.

On pendant lockers and mezzanines, if there is a free space between them and the ceiling, we recommend placing coniferous compositions decorated with electric garlands.

Above the window, it is possible to place spruce branches and cones, which are originally decorated with bright toys and figurines of birds – this is quite impressive and does not interfere with the production process of cooking.

Suit and installation of artificial bright colors, along with the same wreaths or the original composition of spruce branches with cones, highlighted by special LED garlands.

To decorate the entire room, you can replace ordinary potholders, towels and tablecloths for festive, with New Year's symbols.

From the dishes you can get pre-purchased cups, plates with funny drawings for the holiday. On the shelves, install a small copy of an artificial Christmas tree, and on the edge, hang figurines and snowflakes from bright paper. It is recommended to hang homemade cookies in the form of New Year's figures on bright ribbons.

Arrange on the top of the kitchen set small vases with figured cookies, gingerbread and candies in the form of striped canes and a funny figure of a deer made of paper. Original garlands with several colorful wishes will quite brighten the interior, and a snow-white tree and stars above the hood will create a festive mood.

The basic rule of placing all the additional decorations in the kitchen – they should in no way interfere with the cooking process, candles and aromatic sachets should be discarded, because against the background of the smells accompanying the preparation of various dishes for the New Year's table, they are ineffective.

We decorate the New Year's table

If you make the right color palette, then it will be able to create a festive mood at the table. In this you will help home-made pastries with New Year's symbols – the main thing is to properly decorate the vases with this cookie.

Candy canes are best placed in a glass high glass, tied with a scarlet ribbon. Biscuits in the form of snowflakes can be hung with white threads wherever you like: from tall vases with fruit to champagne bottles.

Leading domestic designers advise you to choose the design of the table for the New Year holiday from such combinations:

  • White, green and red color is a classic of the genre, based on familiar associations with snow, needles, burning candles and Santa Claus costume.

  • Snow white serving: she always looks elegant and solemn. To separate individual parts did not merge into a common white spot, it is necessary to dilute the entire composition with green spruce branches.

  • The spectacular combination of white and red in the festive table setting is based on the contrast of the color of the whole gamut and the same New Year's associations.

  • White with gold. The statement is true: "How to celebrate the New Year, so you'll spend it!", So indulge yourself and your loved ones, surrounding yourself with objects, even if not out of pure gold, but still.

In one composition, you can collect all the symbols of the New Year holiday: the green color of spruce needles, candles and Christmas ornaments.

This serving looks rather original and spectacular, making the table truly festive and elegant.

For napkins you can use bright ribbons, mini-toys in the form of balls ornaments for Christmas trees, pine needles and even sweets.

In the stores, you can purchase special curly rings that not only serve a variety, but also show your relatives and guests your serious preparation for decorating a festive table.

Chairs should also participate in the New Year banquet, so do not be lazy and decorate their backs with ribbons, traditional wreaths of needles and cones.

If you are able to sew special covers from the New Year theme, then surprise everyone by the originality of the decoration of the chairs. Otherwise, just hang colored towels and large New Year colorful cloth boots for gifts.

The most beautiful of all the holidays in the year is the New Year. From the very childhood we look forward to the arrival of this celebration not only because of the gifts and abundance of delicious dishes and delicacies, but also the desire to plunge into the festive atmosphere. To fool with friends on an ice hill, to play at night in snowballs in a court yard, knowing – you will not drive home, because also adults after one o'clock in the morning will also go "to breathe fresh air".

We grow up and now we organize a feast first for our children, and then for our grandchildren. Every year, this magical holiday is becoming more colorful and brighter – there were themed decorations and fireworks, which had not been heard before.

Let's give our friends and relatives a special festive mood these days, so that the New Year celebration will be remembered for a long time.

Such ideas are sure to inspire the design of their kitchen before the holiday. I liked many ideas, and I took them to my note. To my taste, I would use New Year's dishes and textile items – potholders and towels. Various decorative Christmas trees, candies, cookies will create a festive mood and will be energized for the whole next year.

Welcome to our kitchen design resource! We created a collection of unusual and attractive kitchen interiors and decor ideas for decorating your home.

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