Kitchen countertop design: trends and novelties


Kitchen countertop design for the island

The design of the kitchen countertop is very important for creating an organic appearance of the kitchen. We are already accustomed to, that most often it is made of natural or artificial stone of different colors. Most often this marble, which is more resistant to physical and chemical influences, and also creates a cozy and positive atmosphere.

White surface with colorful colorful spots looks charming

However, many modern designers offer several alternative options that can make the design of your kitchen stylish and memorable. First of all, it is quartz, which is famous for its practicality and luxurious appearance. Next on the list is a special granite that can be painted in any color you like. Very creative look surfaces from onyx and agate, because, being exotic semi-precious stones, they create an atmosphere of wealth and elegance.

Exquisite peninsula from orange-yellow agate with built-in illumination

Another unusual material – colored glass.

The bright yellow surface of the island organically contrasts with the white facade

Classics of the genre – polished or untreated natural wood.

A dark thick board with uneven edges as if just brought from the forest

And finally, fantastic solutions for which completely unusual combinations of materials, shades and decorative ornaments are used.

The ancient coins decomposed under the glass cast thoughts about the history of mankind

And which of these projects did you like most?

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