Kitchen chairs in original designer collections


The chairs for the kitchen, presented in the photo in the original designer collections, clearly demonstrate their potential in creating a special atmosphere of space in combination with other pieces of furniture and accessories.

Today, as, however, it is always best to talk about the hospitality of any home dining area. In our power to bring into this story your own character and your preferences. Think, maybe you would like to have every dinner had a plait of elegant officiality, or turned into an eclectic mixture of colors, textures and scents?

An important role in creating an atmosphere of comfort in the house is played by the dining room, with its most common chairs, especially if you have the courage to turn them into unusual art objects. How to do it, we'll tell you now.

The bold color furniture upholstery print will transform the dining area into a glamorous space ideal for Sunday lunches in a narrow circle. Tastefully selected accessories, such as a chandelier, table decorations, textiles, will only enhance the pleasant impression.

The dining area is the perfect place to play with color! Having stopped the choice on yellow covers for chairs, you will not lose. It will add to the setting of the sun, joy and dynamics. However, do not overdo it, too much yellow can have the opposite effect and become an overwhelming factor. Therefore, with particular care choose the remaining nuances.

The presence of an old wooden, but perfectly preserved dining table, once owned by your beloved grandmother, is not at all an occasion to look for antique dining chairs. Plastic furniture, light, comfortable and attractive, will be an excellent addition and will help to write a family heirloom in a modern eclectic interior.

Under the high ceiling of the living room with wooden walls a collection of colorful multi-colored plastic chairs gathered. They seem to manifest the ideal statement of a happy life. At masters of modern design it has turned out surprisingly harmonious connection of seemingly incompatible materials.

Collecting furniture around the table, made in two different styles, textures and colors, you can create a very refined composition. For example, wicker chairs with a wooden frame make up a perfect combination with soft armchairs.

A pair of elegant forged candlesticks and original ceramics will help balance the atmosphere and add brilliance to the design. By the way, wicker is able to add comfort even to spaces that seem too cold.

Geometric shapes and patterns can emphasize the modern look of space. Carefully selected and adapted to the existing interior, such decor elements will impress the most demanding spectators.

Since geometry and tone often go hand in hand, be sure to include in the game bright accessories, such as red lampshades and textiles. In combination with white walls and furniture, they will create the desired effect for you.

A beautiful glass table will allow you to show elegant velvet upholstery of armchairs. Addition to the refined atmosphere will be luxurious wallpaper on the walls of the dining room and carefully selected elements of the decor.

If there is a fear that a large number of chairs around a long dining table will suppress its monotony, break it with the help of a choice of amusing table accessories and make the composition of the desired color at the expense of upholstery.

Wood and precious upholstery will add comfort to the place where you plan to receive guests. Femininity will be given to him by gentle shades and floral patterns, and masculinity – strict forms, elegance and functionality of everything that is there.

And finally, the most spectacular of all that you can do with your modest dining room to enhance its historical charm is to turn ordinary chairs into elegant silver pieces of furniture. A rich texture of the wallpaper, chrome decor elements and neutral interior colors will add luxury to the room.

Thus, such a habitual, banal chair can have a decisive influence on the creation of an atmosphere in the house. Your imagination and the desire for change will help you to create what you want from an ordinary standard room. Whether you want to look for ready-made furniture items, or you will deal with their decor yourself, the main thing is that the result should exceed expectations.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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