Kitchen and modern fireplace in the interior: stunningly realized ideas


A modern fireplace in the interior of the laconic orange kitchen is decorated as a natural element

A modern fireplace in the interior of the kitchens adds a touch of comfort and a kind of nostalgia. So you see a dwelling of ancient people gathered around the fire for the preparation of dinner. This collection presents examples of successful organization of hotbeds in the kitchens of houses and apartments.

Successful zoning

The through fireplace divides the apartment into three parts: a kitchen, a dining room and a living room. It is clearly visible from each room, which adds heat to the interior.

Fire and stone

The hearth in the marble wall neutralizes the coldness of this kitchen and rest areas.

Revived Olden Time

Perfect transformation of the old iron stove. Built in a white kitchen island, it creates an atmosphere of comfort around itself.

"Red flower" in the interior

The simplicity of the wooden countertop, passing into the dining table, is diluted with a rich scarlet color of chairs. The view is involuntarily fixed on the fireplace, which, it seems, is just about to play with fiery colors.

The central element

Ethnic elements of this kitchen are complemented by a fireplace, which formed the original gap in a massive wall. The glow of the flame gently illuminate every room.

Modern and Style

The focal point of this modern kitchen was the fireplace. The shelves on both sides remind of the traditional design.

Natural materials

Exotic wood and rough stone – the most suitable environment for this open fireplace.

Genuine comfort

Accurately laid out of bricks, this wood burning fireplace looks like a true home.

Tell us how you see the fireplace in your own house.

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