Japanese interior: bedroom, kitchen, living room


Several years ago, each designer had in his portfolio a design project, made in the Japanese style. But the fashion is changeable. Now the actual direction is not an exact transfer of the interior in the spirit of the traditional samurai haven, but the use of several accessories that give characteristic features.

This is due to the fact that the approaches to the use of space by the European and Japanese are different. And the absence of the usual chairs, high beds and sofas makes this style uncomfortable. Also the fact that in an interior stylized to this national style one can not use any needlework, pictures, family photos and accessories to deprive the room of individuality.

The modern Japanese interior, executed in accordance with European concepts, has the following features:

  1. Instead of a traditional futon, a mattress is used, located on a high catwalk and pillows are pounced on it.
  2. the color gamut also changes – in addition to the natural low-key colors of autumn, bright accents and warm saturated colors appear.
  3. Also in the living room there is a sofa, since sitting on the floor is not convenient.
  4. on the walls there are paintings, posters, and on the tables are cute trinkets, which make the room cozier.
  5. authenticity is now not the main thing, in the first place is the preservation of the usual level of comfort and the creation of mood. Therefore, modern interpretation resembles the scenery in the theater, especially if bonsai are used, low tables intended for tea ceremony, pillows instead of chairs and other traditional elements.

Japanese interior reveals secrets

Most Japanese interior is used in the bedroom, because it's easier to do, but for decorating the living room it's much harder to use.

This is due to the fact that no living room can do without such purely European pieces of furniture as armchairs, a sofa, a TV stand and various kinds of equipment. But all the same Japanese style can be emphasized using:

  • unusual furniture;
  • decor of bamboo on the walls, laid out in the form of hieroglyphs;
  • stylish lamps;
  • traditional Japanese chandeliers made of rice paper;
  • various accessories – tables for a tea ceremony, compositions in the form of origami, ikebana.

A business card of Japanese style – a screen can be used only in the case of an open plan apartment, where its existence is justified. In ordinary apartments, it is needed only for decoration, and is suitable for enhancing the theatrical effect. But it's better not to use it, because the line between styling and the store of things from Japan is difficult to sense.

Stylized or not, a modern Japanese-style interior should fit the following points:

  • Restrained solution in color. The colors should be natural and muted. but there should be a maximum of three.
  • Simplicity and brevity. This style is one of the most concise in the history of design, so furniture from minimalism is more appropriate than the classic.
  • Space. Empty space should be very much, and accordingly furniture is small.
  • Use of natural materials in everything.

The Japanese interior is able to bring comfort and original design to your home, impregnated with the nature and mood of an entire era.

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