Italian kitchen furniture provides new opportunities for interior design


Italian kitchen furniture from the company Florida meets the needs of the most demanding customers. Today, many prefer a transformable environment. Italian designers have a lot of ideas on this. The collections they offer are very attractive externally, and the vast possibilities of furniture that it produces make it possible to be, as they say, out of competition.

For example, one of the combinations in the Cookset series includes the 50X50 table. It can divide the rooms in half, move or move apart if necessary. If you need more space in the kitchen, you add it. When it's time to get together for dinner with the whole family, the table is laid out to its full length. In the Cookset collection there is another interesting set.

Designers offered a work surface that can be lengthened when extra space is needed for cooking. When the need for the sliding part disappears, it is easily removed and becomes completely invisible.

Transformability and multifunctionality are very important for modern kitchen furniture. The ability to adjust the space to one or another of the needs at a certain point greatly facilitates life. Do you agree with this statement?

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