Island in the interior of the kitchen: creative design ideas for every need


Introducing the island into the interior of the kitchen, designers openly stated that they intend to make it something much more than just a place for cooking. The traditional kitchen scheme consisted of clear, narrow working surfaces lined up along the wall. It was convenient, but no more. Today the kitchen island is the center of the working area, which deserves respect and appreciation thanks to the attention given to this table by artists and craftsmen.

The kitchen island, of course, is more functional and spacious than a regular table. At the same time he, like any other furniture, leaves room for imagination, allowing to illustrate the personality and preferences of the owner of the kitchen. Our modern fast lifestyle combines nutrition with other spheres of our life, such as art, literature, fashion and communication. Now there are many models of kitchen islands, worthy of admiration.

We suggest looking at some of them – maybe you can correlate them with your personal preferences.

Kitchen knigocheya

Look at the eclecticism of blending styles in this headset. Smooth marble countertops are combined with classic, dark wood, legs like a desk, and shelves for books. Ideal for avid readers – or maybe even writers?

Traditional cuisine of the island

Comfortable and simple bar stools and heavy, in some way industrial, fixtures, allowing to achieve optimal lighting for your favorite occupation – reading books, possibly combined with breakfast.


A decadently extravagant kitchen set from Brommel includes an incredible kitchen island. He combines the puritanical smoothness of modern materials and the fluids of female lines from baroque. This is an incredibly simple model for the sophisticated.

Even modern appliances and wiring can be hidden under the sliding table top, leaving the surface of the table incredibly cold white and glossy under crystal chandeliers. It looks really clever and excellent.

The refined barbarian

Maybe it only seems to us, but the combination of natural textures in this very modern kitchen set Rational is a masterpiece of design thought. Look at the countertop: a dark wood with a rough surface combined with untreated edges and natural textures. Full culinary victory.

The place looks so masculine that the head of the family will be proud of such a kitchen and maybe even use it for the intended purpose. You can complement the image with cushions of rawhide and fur, honey and game. And from dishes – venison with cranberry sauce in Scandinavian style. This little kitchen does not deserve.

Cute dreamer

This kitchen island is created for fans of shapes and colors, wanting to protect themselves from the fresh functionality. There is not a single element with a right angle in it. The island is an independent object of bright color and relaxing form. If you have such structural elements in the kitchen as pillars or beams, do not leave them empty – they are exceptionally functional.

Spacious kitchen with glossy green table top

You can easily transform them by developing something special. And when you collect your kitchen island, leave a place on it for a flower pot with a lush green plant to make the place really cozy.

Elegant minimalist

Deprived of decor, a simple and even kitchen island can be very good – chefs will appreciate it, because they can be not only obsessed with their art, but also neat. This kitchen in a minimalist style is perhaps the most neat of all options, especially when everything is laid out at the end of the job. When the table is not used, the kitchen looks like a laboratory: in a state of pensive expectation.

And these elegant and comfortable chairs seem to wait for them to sit down and begin a conversation. They are also made in the style of minimalism. The only fantasy element in the kitchen is the glass chandelier, which looks like a pendant with a touch of glamor, and makes perfect the enjoyment of a neat cooking.

Comfortable modernist

Actual trends in furniture combine style and functionality, and this is exactly such a version of the kitchen. Smooth white in combination with a warm shade of wood, perhaps the most popular modern combination in decoration. It is a hint of both nature and artificial functionality – for a comfortable layout designers took the best of both worlds – and the chairs add sophistication to the atmosphere of the kitchen.

Ultra-modern white glossy kitchen

Note that almost always the kitchen islands are illuminated by hanging lamps, so that the light falls exactly on the countertop. In this case, these are small shiny designer lamps, very interesting in appearance.


Here is an unusual kitchen for cooking, eating and clicking with a mouse. Information and computer programs have invaded our space through smartphones and various mobile and stationary gadgets, so why should not they settle on the kitchen island? You do not need to be an avid gamer or a programmer to use the Internet or simple computer games. Therefore, a large flat screen is useful to all.

The "eight-bit" kitchen island brightly, cheerfully and accurately illustrates this attitude to life and is well complemented by a creative economic hanger with colorful balls. And the most suitable place for original lamps is over the island.

Creative traditionalist

Everything in this kitchen shows the appreciation of history – the classic chandelier candlestick, light installation from old kind incandescent lamps, without lampshades and ornaments, a statue of the bull's head that was probably taken from the pediment of the old slaughterhouse. Even classic gas stoves are not only functional, but also in many respects traditional.

Attention to detail and love for the masters are combined in this design. Ancient wooden kitchen island, certainly inherited, subjected to a minimal restoration as a tribute to history.

To supplement this design can, for example, copper pots on the shelf or hung up for drying vegetables. If you are a connoisseur of antiques and in some way an eccentric, you can do something similar in your kitchen just as well or even better.

We hope you managed to pick up a kitchen island for your unique taste!

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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