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Are you ready to upgrade the kitchen? The advent of the New Year has led us to think about how you can breathe freshness into the interior with the things we love the most. This winter everyone enjoyed the preparation of various delicious dishes and snacks.

When you are at home during the cold, you want to fill it with the smells of hot coffee, freshly brewed soup, roasted meat. This gives a sense of family; places where you are always welcome.

Today we want to teach visitors the resource Kitchen Interior to enjoy cooking in a comfortable environment. Good mood during this process is the key to success. When your kitchen is filled with memories of all sorts of culinary masterpieces, you will find it easier to translate them into reality.

Surround yourself with kitchen appliances, spices, oils, herbs. Create an environment that will inspire you to prepare new delicious dishes. Here are some tips with which you create space for creation.

Gourmet Look

Do not hammer the kitchen boxes all in a row. Free up space for those ingredients and accessories that you will definitely use. Do not store items in the kitchen that are not intended for cooking.

Remember: there must be order in the kitchen! Every thing needs to be put in place immediately after using it. You will not be able to cook a new dish on a complex recipe, if chaos and disorder prevail around.

Gourmet cuisine has some touches that create the feeling that you are in a beautiful restaurant. It can be large windows framed by transparent tulle, modern chandeliers or a mirror surface of a table-top. Fill the interior with fresh fruit and fresh flowers, they will refresh the interior.

Modern lamps in a large kitchen

How can I still add sophistication to the kitchen? Easily! Using marble worktops. If you are fans of culinary television programs, you have probably seen that in many kitchens it is installed marble countertops. They look fashionable, modern and create a sense of purity.

Light marble countertops visually increase the small kitchen

This kitchen is filled with natural beautiful details. Do you like an open wooden rack? Consider the idea of ​​opening your shelves to be able to see the free space for dishes and other small things.

Kitchen in Amaganset, New York

The arbitrary combination of different materials looks unbelievable. Gold and silver tones will create a stunning contrast, and marble and wooden chairs will add interest to the space and give it individuality.

Lovely designer kitchen Athena Calderone

The kitchen does not have to be big. Skillful distribution of things on it will make it functional enough even in a small space.

Small functional kitchen


Let's take a closer look at some things. We are talking about those little things that fill the kitchen kingdom. For example, cereals can be stored in special beautiful jars. Add a highlight of a bright object in the interior, and cookbooks will be on hand for cooking various dishes.

Project: Michael Goodsmith Design of Houzz

Details in the gourmet kitchen

There is nothing more beautiful than fresh greens and products to inspire us to prepare delicious dishes. Of course, you can not store vegetables on the cutting board all the time, but nothing prevents to put a vase of fruit. Personally, we are not indifferent to lemons!

Photo: Katrina Mojzesz of Pickell Architecture

Kitchen with live plants and food

Is it still necessary to talk about the importance of fresh products and the presence of green plants? This is always relevant.

Oranges and tropical greens in the kitchen with marble trim

We like to receive designer inspiration from Lonny – his images are so stylish that the space looks very impressive. Below we see a gourmet kitchen in full complement with an abundance of food and herbs, lots of dishes and cutlery. Easy access to household items is the key when preparing food.

Ceiling racks in the kitchen

The following photo shows a wide range of glass containers for storing cereals and spices. They provide easy and easy access to the right ingredients.

Popular materials for decorating the kitchen look stylish and elegant (they are also quite functional). Use them, add a few elements, such as stylish teapots of saturated colors, pepper mills and other items you need in the kitchen.

Project: Clifton Leung Design Workshop

Modern materials in the design of the kitchen

Have you ever used a chopping board with marble? You can also use marble rolls, cups, tolkushki, napkins. Such items look very elegant and noble.

Marble kitchen accessories

If you regularly read our articles, you probably know that we are big fans of a comfortable lifestyle. Practicality and easy access are very important. The photo below shows how the kitchen holds knives on a metal stand, demonstrating all the beauty of culinary tools, reminding us that gourmets love to have their instruments at arm's length.

Colorful knives on a magnet

Thinking about kitchen tools, pay attention to the radiant blue table. In this white kitchen it is designed for storing dishes. Color can stimulate appetite and inspire great creative solutions. We do not doubt that the dishes cooked here will be amazing.

Radiant blue in a stunning white interior

If you were lucky enough to have dishes that stylishly and functionally emphasize the individuality of the kitchen, show it. Put in a prominent place. This is a great way to add colors and clear the cabinet space for other items. Below we see an example of porcelain dishes.

Gourmet cuisine should be organized. Pay attention to the bottom of the refrigerator, note what and how it is stored. For the placement of products you can use containers, they are bright and useful for their functionality. With them, the disorder is not terrible. Try it! A set of twelve storage containers with yellow covers is quite inexpensive.

Bowls for storage with yellow covers

Do not forget to enjoy your meal! In the gourmet's kitchen, there must necessarily be an ideally designed corner in which you can comfortably sit for a short rest. Spend time for a meal to feel the fullness of taste and aroma!

Well equipped eating area

Here are simple tips for decorating a gourmet kitchen. They are quite accessible to all people and do not require large investments. With their help you will transform the space and make cooking simple and enjoyable.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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