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The name of this style speaks for itself, namely: the design of the living room and kitchen, united in one room. This interior is best suited for large rooms, although if the housing is not such, then such a reception will visually increase the space. In addition, there is more light, as instead of a single window, the room is already illuminated by at least two.

Interior features living room combined with kitchen

Features of this direction is that you can be as if both in the kitchen and in the living room. After preparing a meal, you can immediately go with guests or family in the living room and conveniently sit on a soft armchair or sofa. Communicating with guests or household members, you do not need to leave the room and go into the kitchen to make more tea or bring food, while losing the thread of conversation. You can do just a couple of steps to the kitchen, continuing communication. In addition, this interior looks very attractive.

If the square of the kitchen is large, and the living room is not, or vice versa, then such a design solution fits very well and for a large family such a decision is simply irreplaceable. So, for example, if the kitchen is small and there is nowhere to put a large normal table, then most families are forced to huddle at a small table. Therefore, if you choose the living room combined with the kitchen, you can quite safely place the table of the desired size and sit with it with pleasure.

To create such an interior living room, combined with the kitchen, you need to approach responsibly, as a result of which one room in one consistent style should turn out.

A very advantageous and convenient advantage of the living room combined with the kitchen is that you do not need to spend money on another TV set for the kitchen. Very many people like to watch TV movies and TV shows in the kitchen while eating or cooking food. In this design decision, this issue is resolved – put one big TV (the plasma panel is more suitable) so that it can be seen from the kitchen and in the living room.

Also very harmoniously fit into the interior of the living room, combined with the kitchen, a common fireplace.

Before you make a living room combined with a kitchen, you need to think through every detail. It is important to remember that with frequent cooking in the kitchen, the smell will spread throughout the living room. Of course, you can install a powerful hood or ventilation system so that you can feel comfortable while in the living room.

Zoning of the living room combined with the kitchen

In order to create the right interior of the living room, combined with the kitchen, you need to competently divide the space into zones. One of the most popular methods of zoning is to cover the floor with different materials, or with different carpets. You can also use color zoning, that is, paint the kitchen floor in one color, and the living room floor with another. However, with the help of various materials, the zoning effect will be the most qualitative. The kitchen will look harmoniously tile, and for the living room you can choose carpet, laminate or parquet.

Also a great way of zoning is decorating, painting the floor and walls of the kitchen and the living room with different materials or flowers.

A bar counter can create an excellent zoning effect. Depending on the interior of your room, you can make a new design of the bar, or leave part of the wall that once separated the kitchen and living room. To make this construction can be facing stone, tiles, wood panels, facial bricks, or any other material at your discretion.

The bar has many advantages: first, as mentioned above, it is good to divide the room into zones, and secondly, it can be part of the furniture, that is, it can be used as an additional work area. In addition, it is convenient for light snacks and quick tea-drinking. Do not forget that the bar can fulfill its direct purpose, that is, be a bar counter. Around it you can put chairs, and from above to hang glasses and wine glasses.

Many designers use the dining table for the zoning effect, which must necessarily be located on the border between the kitchen and the living room. It will perfectly organize and share your space. To this zoning method, one more often is added – light zoning. In itself, it gives the desired effect of zoning, and if applied over a dining table, then you will receive in addition a cozy and comfortable dining space. In this variant of zoning, a number of fixtures are hung above the dining table, low. Thus, we get 2 separation: the bottom (table and chairs) and the top (fixtures that seem to play the role of "light curtains"). Colors lamps can also play a role in the atmosphere of the living room, combined with the kitchen. It is advised to choose colors of warm shades, for example, yellow, red, orange and burgundy. In addition to coziness and comfort, these colors make your dishes more appetizing. Although choose and white and transparent, bringing cleanliness and perfection of color.

A fragment of the wall can be a good and very interesting way of zoning. That is, with the demolition of the wall between the kitchen and the living room, some of it can be left as a zoning effect. It's like a common room, but it's pretty clever and harmoniously divided.

So, the variant of the living room combined with the kitchen is a bold and original solution. Perfectly suitable for increased space and convenience, especially for large families.

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