Interior of a large living room – 130 photo of the main ideas for planning and design


The living room is the center of any house. Its function is not only in the reception of guests, but also evening pastime with the family.

Therefore, this room is given great attention.

You need a lot of power and money to make it work.

Next, consider the design options for a large room.

On a large area, you can implement any design solutions, which in a small room is impossible.

Style Selection

First, let's see what the big room is. Experts believe that the area of ​​the room should be more than 20 square meters. From here you can already understand which style is best to create.

It is also necessary when choosing to rely on their desires. Select the main popular styles that are used to design such premises.

A style that is always in trend is a classic. For some reason, many consider it to be old-fashioned, but this is a profound error. Classical style means wealth and luxury in the interior.

If you like all the newfangled materials and technologies, then you should pay attention to the high-tech style.

For people who are not ordinary and who likes to impress others, ethno style is suitable. This style implies the design of the hall in the themes of different nationalities.

In the ethnic style, there are many directions. With this design, the room will become unusual and exotic, and this will not leave anyone indifferent.

In recent years, the eco-style has become popular. It is suitable for people who are tired of a big city and would like to live outside the city. However, moving away is not possible, but to create a piece of privacy with nature is quite possible in the living room.

Of course, these are not all styles that can be implemented in the hall.

It is important to take into account your requirements for design, which will become cozy and comfortable for you.

Recommendations for registration

In order for any interior design to be properly designed, you need to have an idea of ​​the correct interior design.

Designers have developed some tips that are suitable for any style solution. Primary requirements:

  • Do not forget about the natural lighting of space. If it is not enough, then the interior can look grim, and then it will not be comfortable to be.
  • Try not to overload the room very much. Consider the zoning of the room and leave enough space free.

    • Be sure to create a center of the hall, from which the entire interior will walk. For example, it can be a fireplace or a large TV.
    • On the boundaries of the central part is the main furniture.
    • The main cumbersome furnishings are placed along the wall.

    Finishing of floor, walls and ceiling

    In any room for the decoration of walls and ceiling, it is better to use light colors. Thus, we can distinguish the interior of the room, and visually the space will expand.

    The color itself depends on the style that you chose. Since each style solution requires certain colors in the interior.

    The floor must be contrast to separate all the zones. Therefore, it is made in darker colors.

    Very popular materials that mimic a natural tree. Floor can be laid with laminate or parquet.

    The furniture in the interior

    The way furniture will be arranged depends on the style in which the room is created. But, there are basic rules, compliance with which is mandatory:

    • furniture should be placed so that you feel comfortable;
    • near the upholstered furniture put a small table;
    • furniture is better to make to order.

    Small decorative design elements can be placed where you like. However, they must be performed in a common style composition.

    In conclusion, let's say that in a large room you can create absolutely any style solution. At the same time, it is important to rely on the basic requirements for interior design.

    If there are difficulties with the creation of the project, then contact a specialist. They will help to realize all your ideas.

    Such an interior will be cozy and functional, as everything will be thought out in it.

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