Interior design of the studio kitchen, photo of which will attract everyone's attention


Unusual interior design of the studio kitchen (photo with furniture and appliances)

It's not so easy today to come up with a design for the kitchen interior of the studio, a photo of which would surprise even the most sophisticated experts. A huge number of creative solutions, author's ideas, bold and interesting ideas constitute the modern world of design.

It would seem impossible to think up something original in this sphere. However, the Frigidaire Professional Studio was able to do this.

Designers began work on updating the design from the skirting boards. Such an unexpected beginning only indicates that these people do not think like everyone else. For this, they turned to Fireclay Tile for free samples. This allowed us to visualize part of the kitchen for further ideas.

Cold gray scale

At first it was difficult to determine with the general scale. But after a lot of options have been tried, the designers stopped in shades of white and gray.

The floor tiles are made in the style of the metro, that is, with the same uneven fragments. Its colors are shades of gray, which are sometimes very close to metallic. Such tones are also repeated mainly on technical devices (electronics, lamps).

Soft white color

The light part of the kitchen is a bit more extensive. Kitchen set, sink, window sill and walls are made in darkish white and beige shades. This allows you to create a noticeable contrast and, accordingly, attract the attention of everyone who comes into the studio or sees her photo.

The tile behind the work area will play not only a decorative role. On it as a result will be placed fastenings for cutlery and shelves. This, first, will create even more contrast, and, secondly, it will be simply convenient.

In the center is a long table top from IKEA, which quietly transforms and functions in several modes. Of course, to get more space it would be possible to build a table into the wall, as it is popular to do in small apartments. But this is not the case.

As a result, the interior design was developed in the style of modern light industrial. The combination of white and gray shades is a classic contrast that was presented in this kitchen in new colors. Now no one can pass by such a piece of elementary design art.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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