Interior design of a country house


The modern world is full of bustle and running around. And we often want to hide from all this noise and rapid pace of life. Therefore, many people choose their own homes somewhere in the country, buying out-of-town houses and cottages. There you can relax and enjoy the serene flow of life.

We all remember that in olden times country houses were only a temporary haven, where they came for the summer, relax, sunbathe and so on. But at the present time such houses have undergone a significant transformation. Now in the country houses, equipped with the latest technology, you can live all year round, and even with pleasure.

Features of interior design of a country house

Arrangement of such a secluded quiet «islet» requires a little more effort than a city apartment. The requirements for interior design of a country house are slightly higher, as it is necessary to think and simulate a general project that will include the design of the internal living space, the facade, the overall design of the site and the house, as well as the design of additional buildings and even the type of land.

In this design, attention is paid to every detail, it is important to reflect the nature of family members, their individuality and traditions. Comfort and comfort of the house will help to create those items that are valuable and expensive for the family. Such interior objects can become family portraits or simply photographs that can be placed on a shelf or over a fireplace. Items of the decor can be antique porcelain or ceramic figurines of a grandmother or great-grandmother. If there are none, then use any decor that will be nice to your heart and will give you coziness in the house.

An excellent design solution in a country house will be a fireplace, he recently took a lasting place in the country life. It is pleasant to read in the winter cold evenings by the fireplace, basking in its warmth and a cup of fragrant tea or just lie down, watching the flames. Of course, the fireplace may not be real, but simply imitation or artificial.

There is the option of creating a separate room with a fireplace, which is called – a fireplace. Here you can completely relax, discard all unnecessary thoughts and break away from everyday worries.

Large windows, from ceiling to floor, can also become an exquisite design solution for a country house.

You can additionally build a swimming pool, a Russian bath or a Turkish bath – a hammam, a billiard room, a children's entertainment room, where there will be a lot of horizontal bars, a swing and everything that is necessary for resting and playing children. And the most important and distinctive advantage is that you can not only plan all the rooms according to your taste and discretion, but also give each of them a size that suits you. So, for example, you can make a kitchen, a canteen so that you do not have to huddle in them, as in a room, but feel comfortable and comfortable there. Put a huge table in the dining room, where you can invite many guests with pleasure, or as much household appliances in the kitchen as you need, without worrying about whether to fit or not.

A modern and very convenient design solution was the staircase – the library. On the one hand it is a ladder, and from the side – built-in shelves, where books are very harmonious and stylish.

Either the library can be built into the cabinet.

Soft sofas and armchairs will complement the comfort and comfort of your suburban housing. In the living room you can place them near the fireplace and receive guests, who will always be pleased to come to visit you. Such a house will always be remembered and loved.


If you like the classic style of interior design of a country house, then for walls it is better to choose light colors, and materials: paint, wallpaper, tiles. As for the furniture, dark, but not bright colors will do. Materials for furniture can be – metal, wood or glass.

If you prefer modern style of interior, do not limit yourself to choosing color shades, using contrast reception. When choosing a material, you can safely use synthetic: plastic, various types of glass, polyurethane. Designers are advised to use the creation of straight lines, as well as strict ones. However, smooth transitions are also suitable, especially for active people.

For those who love originality in decoration, as well as folk style, the style of the interior of the country house – the Scandinavian style – is perfect. A characteristic feature of this style is natural naturalness. This applies to the interior of the entire house: the look of all rooms, the color scheme and the materials selected. As already understood, materials should be used natural: stone, wood, even fabrics. On desire small objects of a decor can be made of plastic. But metal, especially in large quantities, is better not to use in this style. Colors should be chosen light, or cold light, for example, light green, light blue, beige, white, light yellow.

Ideas for the design of a country house are many and each in its own way is magnificent and unique, for each person you can choose and create his own style, reflecting his personality and taste. By creating your house outside the city or cottage, you can realize any of your fantasy, any dream.

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