Interior design bedrooms: 5 ideas that inspire you


Interior design of the bedroom with an abundance of seating

The design of the bedroom interior is extremely important, because this is the place of your rest, solitude and pleasure. This article has collected 5 key ideas that will guide you in how best to organize your oasis for relaxation.

1. Create a recreation area

Agree that in the bedroom you can not only sleep. It should be nice to spend your free time here. You can put a prominent chair near the bookcase, if you want to indulge in reading at leisure. And fans of evening TV shows can place in a room a double sofa or a couch.

Give the bedroom multifunctionality by allocating a rest area

Interesting zoning with a fireplace

Use a rest area to separate the bed from the rest of the room

Place in the bedroom a chaise longue or ottoman as an extra bed for sleeping

In a small sitting room, there is a bench-bench in the foot of the bed

2. Organization of places for storing things

Often in trying to save the space of a room, people hide all things as much as possible. An excellent solution can be a built-in wall cabinet or bedside table. For fans of the same modern trends in design, open shelves are suitable.

Use the built-in storage space

For symmetry, place two bedside tables on both sides of the bed

To free space, the best solution is to store things in a drawer under the bed

In the foot of the bed, put the chest, adding tradition to the interior

3. Do not forget about the decoration of the walls

Not so often in the bedrooms use the decoration of the walls. And in vain, because it can create interesting visual effects. You can hang pictures, photographs, other items above the bed, rest area, at the dressing table. Experiment with colors, styles, sizes, frames – let your eye rejoice at the result.

When choosing wall decorations, consider the shape and size of the place you want to decorate

One of the walls you can decorate with a strip of beautiful wallpaper

Use the wall decoration as a catchy accent in the bedroom

Original will look great poster or wall painting

Remember that you can decorate the wall not only with painting, but with a mirror

4. Add textural fabrics

In the choice of fabrics for the bedroom do not concentrate only on bed linens. Place an interesting bedside mat on the floor, hang beautiful curtains, and put a soft blanket on the chair in the rest area.

Add visual depth to the space, using textural fabrics

Let different textures give the room a visual depth

Choose a variety of materials to create a contrast

Add to the bedroom an abundance of layers of all kinds of fabrics

5. Make bright accents

Do not be afraid to transform the low-key bedroom walls. They can be decorated with juicy and original prints of your favorite colors. Be individual, it's your space!

Do not be afraid to combine bright elements and materials

Combine the abundance of prints and patterns

Bring bright colors to your bedroom

Acquire the paired stand-out objects for a symmetrical arrangement in the bedroom

Decorative objects will be great accents in the interior of the bedroom

Group several diverse pictures to create a gallery on your wall

After a busy day everyone dreams of returning to a pleasant place for rest and recuperation. We will be happy if our recommendations help you in creating a personal, unique bedroom.

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