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The kitchen is the place where the housewives spend most of their free time, where all the household gather for lunches and dinners, where guests are invited to tea. Therefore, the interior of this room should be comfortable, cozy and comfortable. If you decide to make the kitchen interior wooden, then this is an excellent solution. Since it is the tree that can bring warmth and comfort to your home. Looks wooden interior is always beautiful and at home.

Of course, before making such an interior, you should take care of fire safety, because it's still a tree. If the area of ​​the kitchen is large enough, then you can use bulky, dimensional furniture – this will give the room a solidity and confidence.

But if you have a small kitchen area, this is also not a problem – you can apply the wood trim not the whole kitchen, but only some areas. For example, you can make a wooden kitchen apron, there are ideas of wooden shells. Or you can trim a part of the wall and the countertop with a tree.

Wood trim of the external sides of furniture is also suitable. In any case, it will look great and elegant.

The ceiling of the wooden kitchen

An excellent solution for a kitchen with a wooden interior can be wooden beams, of course, if the quadrature of the room allows. Or the beams can be small if the kitchen is small. Vinyl ceilings of any shade will also look great, which will fit into the overall design of the kitchen.

Since the wooden interior is a style of antiquity, then the chandeliers should be selected in the appropriate direction. They can be the same wooden. You can choose with wooden fan blades, or in the form of horns.

Not bad will look great metal chandeliers for antiquity.

Or chandeliers in the form of flashlights.

Of course, if you want to install modern chandeliers, they should not be discounted, they will also look good in the wooden interior.

Wood flooring

To design the interior of the wooden kitchen looked harmonious, to cover the floor is to choose parquet, laminate, you can put a stone, or just a tree. Excellent on this floor will look colorful fabric mats.

Walls of wooden kitchen

If you want to leave the walls wooden, then to avoid confluence with the kitchen apron, or more precisely, for its allocation, you can use several options. A kitchen apron can be painted with a different color than a wall. Or you can use another material for finishing the apron, for example, rustic, brick, wild stone, glass, even plastic. To decorate this part of the wall that can be to any taste over the working space, it can be images of floral ornament, and compositions of flowers, and any other prints at your discretion.

Very original and beautiful will look the finish of some parts of the walls with brick, stone. These materials are perfectly combined with wood and bring some liveliness to the interior.

To decorate the walls of wooden kitchen use paintings with the image of "kitchen" still lifes, you can hang just landscapes or with pets. The mosaic panel, some hand-made article, even the model of an antique car will look original. Most often, designers advise the wooden interior to decorate with cuckoo clocks, preferably also from wood. If you want to maximally approximate your interior in the old, then the dishes in the old style will perfectly suit: different trays, saucers, painted with antique patterns. You can even hang kitchen utensils directly to the ceiling.

Furniture in a wooden kitchen

In order to emphasize the interior of the wooden kitchen, you can use wooden furniture, this will create a complete image of the old rustic style.

But it's not categorical, at your discretion you can choose furniture from plastic or from any other materials. The most important thing is that the furniture be matched competently and harmoniously fit into the overall wooden interior. There is the option of using a stone countertop or material under the stone. Excellent materials are considered marble, granite or malachite.

If we talk about the choice of wood, then preference, of course, given to the oak and cedar. But at will, you can choose any other tree that you like in its texture. As for the shape of the tables in the wooden kitchen, the preference is given to classical forms – round or rectangular.

Currently, designers distinguish two main options for decorating a kitchen interior using wood.

  1. The first option is a strict style for the old days, that is, the mandatory presence of powerful cumbersome furniture, a wide table top, benches. There must also be abrasion, to complete the style, the pictures should be smoothed, the colors muted.
  2. The second option is an easier, elegant style. It has exquisite handwork, many patterns, decor. The situation is lining up smoothly and gracefully.

Of course, there are other options for decorating kitchens with wooden interiors. They can combine various directions, such as: retro style, you can hi-tech or modern. Also, an excellent element of the interior in such a kitchen will be a fireplace or a working stove.

Windows and doors of wooden kitchen

The classic version of the curtains on the windows in the wooden interior are lace. But in the modern design world, balloon curtains, as well as English or Roman or bamboo blinds, have become popular.

The greens always perfectly harmonized with the tree, so the window sills can be decorated with fresh flowers, can be freshly cut and not only on the windowsill.

Doorways make out PVC under the tree, or plastic slopes.

In general, the interior of the wooden kitchen should look natural, harmonious and natural. The tree itself brings comfort and warmth into the atmosphere.

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