Interior almost according to Freud – 20 luxurious and sexy kitchen design options


Everyone who visits our resource will read with interest how much there is modern kitchen design ideas. And what exactly will like, I hope, will become clear from the photos of the guests of our site.

If you decide to buy an apartment, then first of all you should pay attention to the area for cooking. It is she, according to most realtors, is able to raise or lower the cost of housing. Each of the alternatives that are presented in the article can be safely implemented in your home.

Luxurious kitchen

This kitchen room is presented in light colors, while in this color not only the walls but also the floor are made. A lot of cabinets that are lined up in one line – just a find for fans of large storage space. But this is the only classic feature of such a kitchen. To emphasize the unusualness of this interior will help chairs with dark bases in a futuristic style.

He is also present in the glass staircase, which leads to the second floor. Large round windows on the ceiling not only add light to the room, but also allow some way to smooth the corners between the wall and the ceiling. And on one of them it is necessary to place a bright modern picture, this will allow a little to dilute the cold of the kitchen and make the design more eclectic.

As on the set

Here you can find granite countertops, and white glossy appliances, and a place for cooking – just a dream of any chef. Such a kitchen space will calmly accommodate all your friends who may unexpectedly come to visit.

Perfectly complement the interior, made in shades of old oak, claret table and delicate chairs of the color of fresh milk. The kitchen in this style is simply created for rest in a circle of family and friends.

Like in a movie

Remember the movie about the house, in which there were as many as 13 bedrooms? The style of each of them was reflected in beautiful interior of kitchen. All this is slightly diluted with a neutral red color, which in combination with woven luminaires creates an atmosphere of peace and comfort.

Some of the items that were considered classic, in this version, a little redeveloped. For example, a pizza oven can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also as a storage place for some products.

Entertainment kitchen

Smooth surfaces of streamlined cabinets, bar counter, located in the center of the space and resembling an island, girded with white and black lines – all this makes the kitchen not just a place for cooking and eating, but also a room for a pleasant conversation. A bit of extravagance is given to the objects of utensils, which are selected for the color of furniture.

Rural kitchen space

A strong and simple wooden floor is the basis for decorating your home galley in a rustic style. Light original furniture, at the bottom of which there are a lot of small lockers, as well as chairs and table made from vines will help create an impression of the morning in the countryside.

Kitchen Birds Eye Veiw

Horseshoe island will be an unexpected element of the interior and will become the central accent of design. Cabinets and floor made of dark wood create a stark contrast to the peach-colored marble worktops.

Large windows will be an excellent source of natural light and in a company with snow-white hinged shelves will add a little lightness to the room. And modern technology from stainless steel and chrome-plated faucet harmoniously complete the composition.

Arch in the decoration of the place for eating and cooking

This is a great way to delineate space into the working and dining areas. A wide arc and columns in the decor of the windows add to the design of royal luxury and a slight touch of monumentality. A stylish island of mahogany will become a bright accent of the room and will attract the attention of the viewer.

Traditional wardrobes, simple wooden furniture, light floor and tablecloths soften a little and balance the interior.

Kitchen from a natural tree

Even a brick fireplace did not do without such a finish. The beamed ceiling from oak and the carved sets of lacquered pine perfectly complement each other. The worktop of brown marble is disguised as a general design, and black spots in the form of a plasma TV, hob and accessories add gorgeous interior rooms a bit of contrast.

Fully equipped kitchen

Minimalist style and a stunning tricolor made of rich black, glossy white and natural woody colors. Exquisite design of striped, like a zebra, wood and accents of stainless steel, complement the design of the zone for cooking.

The central composition was a large island with an oval bar. The tiled floor and accessories from glass harmoniously complete the stylish and modern image of the kitchen.

Kitchen for him and for her

Universal design for a married couple. Neutral interior boasts a chic marble floor and a stunning set of precious wood. There is a compact island, breakfast area and a full dining table.

Unusual built-in kitchen lighting on a glossy stretch ceiling only enhances the majesty and luxury of this room.

The idea of ​​a modern kitchen area

Excellent layout of your home galley with a L-shaped suite and an island with rounded edges. Modern and stylish colors, such as milky-beige, black and white perfectly match the bright accents of chrome and gold.

Glossy surfaces and a shiny marble floor create a whimsical play of light, reflecting glare from the built-in lights. Stainless steel furniture and several decorative details made of wood give the interior a certain completeness and harmony.

Rustic Kitchen Design

Beams made of solid logs, low ceilings and "squeezed" space give the room a traditional rural cosiness. Pale wooden cabinets, chairs with bright upholstery and a large number of accessories only emphasize the tenderness of the design.

It's just the perfect place to sit around with a girlfriend over a cup of coffee, because kitchen interior design project resembles a small French restaurant.

Home galley in the style of Advance

Ideal for a top-class mansion. A stunning combination of chocolate shades and onyx in the design makes it unique in nature. Soft colors, matte surfaces, neatness and strict minimalism of this room are cleverly complemented by soft blue curtains and snow-white furniture in the corner for breakfast. We see a smooth transition from darker shades to lighter shades, which is a kind of delimiter between the working and dining areas.

Bright and bold option

Excellent kitchen design on the top floor. Your neighbors will simply die of envy! Here we see a harmonious combination of three areas. The cozy living room is transformed into a dining room, and then smoothly flows into your home galley.

This is an ideal example of a laconic organization of space. The range of all rooms is in soft pastel shades. A bit of liveliness and colors add unusual decorative pillows, beautiful carpet and pots with exotic flowers and corals.

Luxury and chic Impressionism

An interesting combination of a L-shaped headset and a long island. But attention should be focused on furniture. Mahogany, metal finish of tables and simply incredible soft chairs evoke thoughts of royal castles and grand interiors. White decoration of the walls and soft beige floor add a little contrast and noticeably soften the situation.

Back to the Future

At first sight it is difficult to understand futurism or vintage? This kitchen is the embodiment of the turn of the century. Here we see a harmonious combination of ultramodern and ancient classical style in the interior. The curved forms of the glossy headset, the delicate creamy background, the abundance of glass and metal decor seem to take us to the future. While neon lighting and the traditional form of bar stools make us remember the 60 disco bar.

The Renaissance

Traditional tricolor of black, white and red colors will never go out of fashion. Here we see the usual English design of the end of 50-ies. This can be understood by the classical chess tile, a massive table of dark wood and leather chairs. This decoration with a touch of antiquity will awaken in you a sense of home comfort and coziness.

A gentle French bite

Ideal for large open spaces. Brilliant countertops made of red acrylic are softened with a simple set covered with white paint. A sharp mosaic on the ceiling attracts attention and underscores the decadent frame of bronze chandeliers.

Painted porcelain plates add luxurious interior design a special rustic charm. Here and pulls to taste all the delights of the seductive French cuisine.

A bit of antiquity

Chic in simplicity. This is how you can describe this project. The ceiling of solid logs and beams made of natural wood gives the room a shade of an old house in a poor area of ​​England. While expensive carved exclusive furniture and a rich chandelier of Venetian glass convince otherwise.

The highlight of the design was a traditional brick stove, and white and blue Dutch tiles on the shield proved to be a worthy completion of the design. Now you have enough food for thought. Having received such a charge of inspiration, you will be able to create your unique and unique interior. If you have some sketches, do not be shy, share them in the comments!

What a variety of ideas and techniques for kitchen decoration. Kitchens made from natural materials, namely from wood, are so close and fanning with family comfort and warmth. I really liked the kitchen in a modern style, the presence of a large amount of white, did not affect the comfort of the kitchen area. Household appliances are built very professionally, and the kitchen stove does not immediately notice.

How much luxury, celebration and coziness in one place in one room! And the most incredible thing is that this is a kitchen! A special charm and tenderness is the interior of the kitchen with wicker lampshades and wooden ornaments. With the addition of bright red chairs in a classic color scheme.

In the modern world there are countless interiors of the kitchen. Designers knowingly try to achieve such results. In each version, the design is impeccable, all the details in their places, household appliances, selected colors, design elements look great. For myself, I marked the option with a round island, very unusual and creative.

Interior in the style of Grandpa Fadeid? It sounds tempting. Variants with antiquity, an arch dividing the space into two zones – working and dining, as well as the kitchen Birds Eye Veiw with a table in the form of a horseshoe, suited me to taste.

Such a kitchen design is the dream of any mistress. Built-in appliances, a lot of free space, light colors . In this kitchen, it's nice to spend a lot of time with your family. I liked the kitchen in the style of Advance. Simplicity and chic in one bottle.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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