Interesting options for creating a light and spacious kitchen


Most people are inclined to modern trends, one of which is a light and spacious kitchen. Today, this trend has become incredibly popular, as in today's world, where space is less, people need free space. In this article, we will show an example of the design of a light and spacious kitchen. In this example, a light kitchen was equipped in an old house built in Spanish style, so the designers tried to preserve its uniqueness, while introducing a little modernity. Inspiration came from the Scandinavian style, where the honor is minimalism and spaciousness.

Designers used aluminum window frames and doorways of a dark bronze color, which allowed to revive a little minimalistic shades. In addition, instead of windows of a standard size, huge windows were used, in the height of the walls.

To ensure that the kitchen does not seem too cold due to the white shades of walls and furniture, it was decided to add some details of warmer, woody colors: kitchen cabinets, floor and table.

To give the kitchen charm and elegance, the designers used white quartz countertops. In addition to aesthetic appeal, quartz countertops – a pledge of strength and durability. A kitchen apron made of white tiles with a gray trowel made the kitchen more interesting. As we see, to create a light and spacious kitchen, you do not need to do much. Even solid objects can play differently when used correctly. Particularly beneficial white objects of the kitchen will look in combination with things of warm colors, such as a white table and a wooden floor.

It's amazing how a simple combination of white and woody shades in the kitchen can create a cozy, warm atmosphere, and huge windows at the same time give a sense of spaciousness. In addition, the countertops made of white quartz are not only one of the most important parts of the kitchen, but they also serve their master for many years.

Light and spacious kitchen in Scandinavian style is perfectly combined with wood shades. This combination allows the room to look very cozy and aesthetic.

A light and spacious kitchen is the dream of every mistress! Such a field for creativity, plus a light room is that the interior of such a kitchen can be diluted with a variety of bright decor elements and it will look harmonious and beautiful. The main thing is to include imagination and imagination. Light walls do not press, but rather relax and create such lightness and airiness. Beauty, in a word.

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