Interesting details for the kitchen as the chef


Today we wanted to discuss with you interesting details for the kitchen, which are usually attributes of the jobs of professional chefs. After all, we must admit there is some inexplicable charm in having a home in your home that resembles the holy of holies of a prestigious restaurant.

Do you plan to completely reconstruct your kitchen? Or are you looking for a way to just give it a little commercial gloss? In any case, it will be useful for you to find out what are the main features of restaurant cuisines.

Stainless steel everywhere

Steel always looks impressive and chic, even in high doses. Why confine yourself to a stove and a fridge when you can get a kitchen island made of polished steel?

Do not forget about the shelves, apron and countertops: the cold shine of metal only adorns them.

Open ceiling beams and steel facing of the island – interesting details for the kitchen

Chairs and stools both in the bar

For many people, the bar is a favorite place in the restaurant. So why not organize something like this in the house? To do this, just put a few high stools or chairs next to the island.

Open shelves

Someone will say that open shelves do not suit everyone (after all, there are those who need to hide the mess somewhere, do not they?). But if you do not take into consideration this dubious argument, then in return you will have the opportunity to store everything you need at hand.

Refrigerator with glass door

Like open shelves, a refrigerator with a glass door can slightly ease the cooking process, because its contents are always visible.

If you do not want your food stocks to become the main decoration of the kitchen like a picture in the genre of a still life, let it not be the main one, but an extra refrigerator of a very small size, only for drinks. It can be placed under the countertop of the island.

Well-planned storage organization

You may not need all the ingredients and fixtures to be lined up in the work area, but the trays built into the tabletop, like in most restaurants, are very useful for you.

In them you can keep kitchen tools and products that you use most often.

What other components of restaurant kitchens would you like to see at home?

All of the above items are good to some extent, but the most remarkable thing is that there are restaurant cuisines, this tiled floor with a sink. Well, is not it not cool – to prepare a festive dinner for twelve people, and then simply pour the floor with water from a hose?

Welcome to our kitchen design resource! We created a collection of unusual and attractive kitchen interiors and decor ideas for decorating your home.

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