Interesting design of the kitchen from Trunk Creative Ltd in the premises of the former aircraft factory, London, England


Limited financial possibilities allowed owners of apartments in the London area of ​​Clapton (Clapton) to reconstruct them only after several years of living in this house. The owner of the building, built in the 1930-ies, shares an apartment with two friends, and there is no doubt that the three girls just need a practical, organized and stylish kitchen.

Designer Sarah Ellison has equipped under the staircase magnificent book shelves and shelves for storing dishes and cutlery. The focus was an ancient wooden table. It is complemented by eclectic chairs and an elegant lamp with a black shade, creating a welcoming and cozy atmosphere.

The decoration of the walls with glass blocks remained from the interior of the factory. It allowed to bring into the environment an abundance of muted sunlight and natural heat. The decorators arranged a place for cooking with an interesting furniture set with a simple and concise design that seamlessly fits into the layout of the apartments.

The sense island and functional center became a kitchen island, equipped with a large number of niches and containers for storing dishes and other culinary supplies. Contrasting black and white design – snow-white wooden facades and a practical dark surface – looks aristocratic and at the same time simple.

The architect replaced the traditional wooden floor with a bulk polymer coating. It added to the atmosphere an elegant note and remarkably transformed the industrial interior.

The staircase to the second floor of the house harmoniously fits into the interior. The geometric clarity of the fenders of the smoky gray color gives the room a special rhythm.

The glass partitions decorated with glass blocks did not allow to equip the kitchen with hanging cabinets. To make the design of the kitchen fresh and airy, the designer chose a white set.

Three mirrors, located above the stairs, visually increase the area of ​​the kitchen. The focus here is a large dining table in a company of comfortable wooden chairs.

Home appliances with a metal casing are integrated into a laconic furniture set. Satin-orange lamps and bright dishes bring creative notes to the interior.

Minimalistic, restrained facades of furniture without handles and external stitches look stylish and homely at home.

The original "highlight" of the interior is the old radiators. They look great on a light background and give the atmosphere a special expressiveness.

Vertical steel poles, painted in a dark gray color, are interestingly distinguished against the background of glass partitions, at the same time rhythmically echoing the railing of the staircase.

To decorate the kitchen apron, the designer picked up an unusual material – micro-concrete. Neutral and gentle light gray shade fits perfectly into the interior, giving it a special freshness.

Three stylish lamps over the island – a tribute to the industrial past of the house. They perfectly illuminate the working surface and are in perfect harmony with the interior.

The claret-like rocking chair is located in a warm corner near the heating battery. In combination with paintings and photographs on the walls, it makes this part of the kitchen incredibly cozy.

On the mezzanine there was a place for antiques – vintage furniture, antique clocks and paintings. Here all the design is sustained in this style, so it was necessary to visually separate it from the main part of the room. With this function, a low, elegant fence handled well.

In this photo you will find a detailed layout of the layout of the kitchen and dining room with the arrangement of all the main elements and furniture.

An interesting project at home from the designer Sarah Ellison from the architectural bureau Trunk Creative is a real masterpiece. It has a unique layout, unusual design, sustained in industrial stylistics, soft and light color range, creative accessories and a cozy atmosphere, which makes it very interesting for all who appreciate beauty in combination with comfort and functionality.

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