Inspiring ideas for arranging a bedroom in the attic


Before every homeowner who has more than one level in a private home, sooner or later the question arises of arranging an attic space. It is generally believed that the attic or attic is a dark and dusty room, where little used things, appliances and furniture that fail. In fact, these are precious square meters that can be turned from a utility room into a residential one.

Often the attic space has a very sloping ceiling, often asymmetrically and conceals hard-to-reach caves and narrow aisles. In this publication, we offer several options for bedroom arrangement in the attic. Inspiring design ideas demonstrate that you can organize a comfortable room with an attractive appearance even in the smallest and most complex in the geometry of the attic space.

Bedroom in the attic for two or more people

If the area of ​​the attic space allows, the organization of beds for two or more people will be an excellent opportunity to rationally use every meter of your living space.

The traditional arrangement of beds in the places of the greatest bevels of the ceiling, allows to solve the problem with the assembly of hard-to-reach places in the attic space. Despite the modest size of the attic room, two people can comfortably sit in this room. Finishing almost all surfaces with wooden fries creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. The issue with storage systems has been successfully solved by embedding boxes for things under the beds.

Often in the furnishing of attic rooms, homeowners and designers resort to using light colors. This is one of the few ways to visually expand the space, "raise" the ceiling and "move apart" the walls. Clean and bright room will look more impressive if you use contrasting dark spots in the interior – furniture and textiles of saturated dark colors. A few bright pillows, a bedside mat – and the room gets a festive mood.

The ample room of the attic allows for several people to spend the night. The height of the vaulted ceiling, lined with wood, allowed the use of bulky pendant lamps. Bright spots of textiles and furniture upholstery dilute the warm atmosphere of woody colors.

Absolutely white room for two, equipped in a small attic room creates an atmosphere of refinement, purity and refinement. Attic space is much easier to keep in perfect condition than the first floor of a private house. The attic is located far from the entrance, and households are less frequent here.

A room for four berths, made with elements of marine themes will be an excellent refuge for both households and guests. The coolness of snow-white and deep blue shades is successfully compensated by the warmth of the wooden finish.

Light shades of the decoration of the room create wonders, especially in small spaces and serve as a beautiful backdrop for the bright elements of the decor of furniture.

Children's bedroom in the attic

Children like small rooms, a nice and cozy mansion in the attic can be a great place to organize a bed or a game room.

Light colors of finish, painted in white color wooden surface finish, a bed in the place of the greatest inclination of the roof and convenient storage systems – everything in this nursery is thought out to trifles.

A touching bedroom design for a girl is an example of how a cozy and attractive corner of princesses can be organized in a small room.

This spacious attic allowed to organize a full bedroom for two children. Places were enough for the arrangement of capacious storage systems, and the training zone.

In the children's bedroom, it is difficult to do without a play area. Low storage cabinets for toys are located in the most difficult, in terms of loft architecture, space. Rational use of the cherished square meters allowed to release more space for games. Even for the hanging chair, there were places in the highest part of the ceiling vault.

This versatile bedroom for two combines the functions of the living room. Built-in beds allow you to transform the sleeping area into a guest room and vice versa. Bright, spectacular accents look great against the backdrop of the total wooden decoration of the room.

Master bedroom on the top floor

The placement of the main bedroom on the upper level can be an excellent opportunity to release the precious square meters of the ground floor for a spacious living room or playroom.

The spaciousness and cleanliness achieved with the finishing of the room with the light tones of the materials used, literally impregnate the main bedroom. It's hard to believe that this luxurious room was once a dark, dusty attic.

Light shades in contrast with the dark color create a sense of dynamics even in a small room. Wood used for furniture gives the bedroom the warmth of home comfort.

Another bedroom with snow-white elements, as a symbol of the fact that in an uneasy geometry of the attic space it is possible to organize an ergonomic and cozy bedroom, placing, for example, built-in wardrobes in the complex rooms of the room.

The bedroom with elements of the French style can not be better combined with the complex construction of the attic rooms. Provence is felt in the floral print of the wallpaper, in the transparency of the glass chandelier, in the carved whitewashed furniture and the lightness of the textiles.

Despite the bright finish of almost all surfaces, the room looks incredibly bright, positive and sunny. Deep and bright shades of furniture, repeated in the color of bedspreads for the bed, give the bedroom a special charm.

This bedroom, using almost the entire spectrum of shades of gray – from white to black, creates a sense of flight. And the reason for this is not only a print with feathers on inclined surfaces. Bold ideas of the designer were reflected even in the installation of the bath in the bedroom.

Next are the options for the location of the bedroom in very small rooms with complex architectural features. These design projects serve as striking proof that even in the most modest attics of the attic, you can organize a living room with its own built-in storage systems, work areas and rest areas. It is possible that homeowners who consider their attics to be cramped and uncomfortable to accommodate living space are inspired by vivid options for the rational and practical use of each meter of private home ownership.

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