Inspiring design of the kitchen window, which will conquer absolutely all


Today we will discuss such a question: how to change the kitchen interior with the help of window decoration? There are many practical tips on this matter – let's look at them! The windows in the kitchen can be as one with the overall design, and radically different from it.

You can show your creativity and turn them into something special. For example, you can equip shelves on the window. Look at this photo – it perfectly shows how the bright green finish echoes with the shelves of the same color, creating a stunning eclectic decor. In addition, there is an additional space for house plants, books or original figurines.

If you own large and wide windows, then you are familiar with the problem of excess lighting on sunny days. Use blinds or curtains that will not only protect you from the light, but also hide your privacy from prying eyes.

Decorative cornices, framing window openings, emphasize a clean and thoughtful mood. You can combine metal and terracotta pots – this will add a touch of inspiration to the atmosphere.

Set behind the window pots with beautiful flowers. They will not only give the interior a color, but will please you every day. In addition, this is a fantastic way to constantly enjoy the beautiful plants.

Ornament of glass in an antique frame forms a remarkable contrast and brings charm. This unusual solution is a real find for romantics and dreamers.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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