Innovative storage systems in a modern kitchen – great ideas for ordering space


Kitchen – a place that leads the house in the number of boxes, jars, sachets, not to mention dishes and pans. And all this must be arranged so that it is beautiful, visible and convenient. Agree, the task is not easy, especially if the kitchen is not very large and it is simply impossible to place many cabinets or shelves in it.

We offer our visitors a few new ideas that will help housewives optimize the storage of kitchen accessories. Let's consider the possibilities of maximizing the use of available space.

One of the features in the design of kitchen furniture was the creation of sliding cupboards. They do not open like ordinary furniture, but are pulled out. Such structures are very convenient for storing high objects in them, such as boxes with cereals or porridges.

The convenience of this cabinet also consists in the fact that its contents are well visible in it, since access to products and jars is on both sides. In an ordinary closet, something is always pushed to the farthest wall, so you have to move all the objects ahead to find what you want.

Such small structures can be placed under the counter top near the stove or sink. In the first case it will be convenient to store packages with spices, bottles with vegetable oil and other ingredients that should always be at hand. Near the sink – the most place for detergents and sponges. You can hang a towel on the handle.

It is very convenient to use the space under the hob, unless, of course, you put the oven in there. Here, pans and pans of different sizes will be perfectly placed. You can also store empty cans there.

Very often the design of furniture for the kitchen provides a fairly large distance between the floor and the bottom drawer. With certain changes there you can place not very deep boxes. They are great for storing various kitchen trifles.

Thus, if you approach the issue of furniture design from the creative side, you can get very comfortable and roomy kitchen cabinets, even in a small kitchen.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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