Innovative ideas for the improvement of kitchen storage systems – we master the interior space of furniture bases


No matter how hard we try to equip the home space properly, there will still be inefficient areas, over which you can still work. Especially this phenomenon is relevant for compact interiors that are in dire need of ergonomic solutions.

As a rule, we pay more attention to significant, noticeable elements, losing sight of the nuances that have a high potential and the ability to improve the functionality of the interior. Our today's article is completely devoted to innovative ideas on how to incorporate into the work for the benefit of effective design those details that we usually forget.

If your house is quite comfortable, but you belong to the category of perfectionists and dream of adding something else, take a closer look at the furniture in your kitchen, and maybe you will notice those areas that seem at first glance ineffective. And if specifically – those compact spaces that are in the bottom of the lower cabinets.

Such a base can become a practical container for many household trifles, which usually occupy the scarce space of kitchen cabinets. Narrow drawers can be pre-made, at the stage of interior planning, or they are included in the existing equipment.

So, sit back and get acquainted with the most creative examples.


In order to make sure that the case is really worth it, carefully inspect this site, and you will see how many opportunities it hides. As a rule, in this socle it is convenient to store some types of dishes, household items needed in special situations (flashlight, candles, etc.) and even bowls of pets. Usually it is a standard pull-out system, which can even be unnoticeable at a glance.

Convenient storage

To date, the easiest way to find such practical additions is the order for furniture manufacturing and initially functional socles. This is said by Dennis Palazzolo, vice president of EW Kitchens. But if you still want to equip them with an existing composition, this is not a problem.

The subtleties of the process

Will you independently install the base boxes or call the master, you still have to spend money on the hardware and raw materials. The cost of the project will depend on many factors: the complexity of the work itself, the size of the components and even their location. But in the case of a small kitchen, where every centimeter on the account, it will be a long-term investment that will fully justify the costs.

Inconspicuous inclusions

According to average calculations, the re-equipment of the socles can cost a couple of hundred dollars. But this amount is significantly less than the amount that will be required for the manufacture of furniture with the already provided additions. You will be pleased to learn that you have the opportunity to use not only traditional designs, but also devices that open with a simple click.

So, with one easy movement you can open the socle and then close it. This technology is preferred by many homeowners who have already managed to appreciate the whole benefit of such an innovation.

Variety of options

Read examples, compare several models. At your choice will be presented various designs, differing from each other in depth and width. Make sure that regardless of the chosen option, the facades of the socles will harmoniously merge with the environment, and the seams will be virtually invisible.

More possibilities

In this photo we see a very wide drawer used for storing trays and dishes. But do not think that in such compartments you can place only dishes: table textiles will feel great in them too.

Retractable stool

Some manufacturers offer to use one more practical addition. This design conceals a folding stool. This solution is ideal for small kitchens, since it allows you to save considerable space without creating any inconvenience.

Versatility of adaptation

Many companies make boxes specially designed for certain items, with separate sections, or vice versa, make them wide, giving customers the opportunity to decide what to put there. It is convenient to store books, office, small hand tools and various devices.

Flexible solutions

A great option for those who have pets and just can not stand to stumble over their bowls with food. In those moments when the pet is not going to eat, the box is simply pushed inside the plinth in one motion.

Convenience for all inmates at home

The following device is equipped with recesses for the bowls, so that the latter do not slip on the bottom of the box. The thoughtfulness of this design can not be overemphasized: with such a design you will be sure that your children will not spill water from their favorite dog's drinking bowl, playing ball, and you will not stumble over a cup of food, going to the refrigerator in the dark – to take an apple, of course .

Additional functions

Such devices can be used not only for storing things, but also as a low step with which it will be easier for you to reach the upper shelves. And for those who have small children, such adaptations are the most necessary: ​​with them, kids are able to independently wash their hands and brush their teeth without resorting to outside help.

Portable element of modern furniture

A similar option is for those who value comfort and practicality.

In our time, ergonomics and rational use of the area are highly valued. This statement is true not only for compact apartments, but also for spacious houses, whose owners value the practicality of the interior above all.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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