Inhabited island: how to combine a kitchen cabinet and a dining table?


The island kitchen table from dark wood became the focal point of the white interior of the kitchen

The island kitchen table is a real find for fans of symbiosis of style and functionality. It provides new storage space and allows a large company to conveniently sit down at a meal.

Since recent times, the tendency is growing to decorate kitchen islands in the spirit of dining tables. Of course, the attractiveness of the table through the unusual design of its legs is familiar and experienced for centuries, but a new trend in the design of the island prescribes to go beyond the stereotyped frames: the table top is getting higher, the shelves and boxes almost disappear, freeing up space for comfortable seating.

As already mentioned, in this way enough space is vacated for a company of several people to conveniently sit at a dinner opposite each other, and the chairs easily moved under the tabletop at the end of the meal. Outwardly they look almost like dining tables, but still remain islands that have a height of up to 100 cm.

The island in the photo above looks like a table, the length of the legs is increased by 15 cm. Under the table top, neither shelves nor storage boxes are found, but the presence of free space there makes the object even more useful, allowing the chairs with a low back to be fully pushed inside.

Tip: the standard height of the table is 76-82 cm, the height of the lower cabinet varies from 92 to 107 cm, and the bar stand reaches 100 cm.

The table, reminiscent of the ancient temples, perfectly in harmony with modern design stools

This magnificent piece of furniture has a marble countertop, which makes it more "island" (with a wooden coating, the design would be perceived quite differently). It is successfully supplemented by high chairs with tiny backs, more like bar stools.

Three chrome lamps located above the working area make it clear that there is a kitchen island in front of you. And the absence of closed storage compartments and chairs, placed on both sides, invite you to settle comfortably at the table for the duration of a family dinner.

Tip: preferring an elegant chandelier, you tilt the scales in the direction of the dining table.

Two in one: not a centimeter wasted

This island-island hybrid has both a free seating area on both sides, and shelves for storing culinary books or other small items. If necessary, the chairs easily slide under the table. Very rational organization of space!

Using this technique allows you to win precious centimeters in a small kitchen

Another brilliant symbiosis: a monumental island with closed storage compartments and an almost separate design in the form of a dining table. This idea allows you to expand the working area of ​​the kitchen and at the same time provides an opportunity to hold family meals.

The table and the island, decorated in different styles, perfectly complement each other

If you are a lucky owner of a large kitchen, take the best of the two furnishings: a full island with a roomy closet on one side and a spacious table, which will comfortably accommodate guests.

The island seems to be an integral structure

To decorate the kitchen in a style close to high-tech, the island's transition to a full-fledged table can be made seamless and absolutely logical. In this case, the working and dining area should be crowned with a single table top and be approximately equal in area.

Maximum functionality in a small space

This island assumes a perpendicular arrangement of seating along two adjacent sides. It is not the same as the previous versions, but it is a very interesting solution, especially for those who do not want the chairs to clutter the passage. Adding interesting details (for example, legs in the classical style) will give the island a great similarity with the dining table.

The table top, depicting a chessboard, acts as an independent decoration item

This stunning square island complete with a butcher-style countertop has a double set of advantages, allowing you to use yourself as a dining table, which can accommodate eight people.

The table does not overload the space at all thanks to the glossy surface and the presence of free space under the table top

If you are planning to make the L-shaped island, know: it can become a huge barrier in the interior of your kitchen. But if you make one of its sides (preferably the one that is longer) open, cluttering up of space will be avoided.

In conditions of limited kitchen space, it is better to give preference to compact stools

If there is not enough space in the kitchen for seating people along the two sides of the island, you can opt for a traditional design, but with a tabletop expanded in one direction. You just can not see the floor under the island – that's the whole difference.

This island gives the impression of not even a dinner table, but a written one. Such a design is an extra reason for spending time together

Thanks to the fact that under the island you can see the floor, you create a sense of spaciousness, and the design itself becomes more "table-like". The fact that you can not place chairs along opposite sides does not mean that you need to abandon this idea: it will be enough to push a few chairs to one edge. Maybe someone from the family will have to sit on the corner periodically, but in general this option is very good.

Industrial work tables – a fashion trend in kitchen design

Stainless steel cabinet tables are a brilliant embodiment of the idea of ​​uniting a table and an island. Absolutely nothing hinders your knees, and on the bottom shelf you can temporarily store the items you need at the moment. This desktop should be supplemented with four more chairs, if you abandoned the idea of ​​buying a full-fledged dining table.

Compliance with a single style makes the interior light and spacious

Trying to understand what is really pictured above – a table or an island? Since the worktop is made of the same material as the kitchen furniture, and in spite of the fact that the height of this object is more suitable for the table, we must agree that before us is still a kitchen island.

A perfect example of a competent organization of compact kitchen space

The chairs near this island are usually on three sides, but when friends come, on the side where the hostess usually works, two more seats are organized.

The earliest has never heard the very name of such a practical and comfortable table, although I can note that it has a very unusual name – an island. This is probably due to the fact that it is so big, but despite its size it is very practical to use. After all, everything moves under him and there is a lot of free space!

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