Inexpensive and interesting ideas for the kitchen


Original ideas for the kitchen – an eternal problem for tenants. Design kitchens, as a rule, leave much to be desired.

Ideas for the kitchen from Matt & Andy's More Perfect (Eclectic-Modern) Union

Interiors do not arouse the interest of potential residents. Especially for you, the article will show 8 original solutions. Below, you can find for yourself a suitable kitchen interior.

1. Use the space above the bedside tables

Having placed additional furniture over the cupboards, Megan Pflug from One Kings Lane saved a lot of space in her friend's little kitchen. It's a quick and easy way to properly organize your kitchen.

2. Remove some cabinet doors

Clearly, open shelving is a dubious decision. However, the absence of one door can also be a design move. Exposed colorful dishes and kitchen towels will make your kitchen more lively and interesting. So did Emily in her small house in Houston.

Be careful when removing doors, keep screws and screws just in case. This will play into your hands at a possible move.

A small, yes, remote house Emily in Houston

3. Add a mat

Floors and laminate, as a rule, deteriorate over time, the overall interior looks cheap and old. Rug brightens the room and distracts from depression. Of course, the rug must be regularly vacuumed – the only drawback of this acquisition.

Marti and Jerrod did the same. The guys added a bright carpet, complementing the warm tones of the tree. Thus, they were able to avoid unnecessary attention to the unpleasant elements of the interior.

Marti & Jarrod's Grahic Modern Home

4. Cover of countertop

Even if your countertops look ugly – you are unlikely to do anything. Some options for improvement include vinyl coating, coating coloring, and many other solutions. However, even these solutions can cause headaches for apartment owners.

Danielle found a quick and effective solution to the kitchen problem. In the photo above, a marble cutting board covers the countertop. This solution does not require space, it is practical and creative.

Danielle's Charming, Classic Chicago Walk-Up

5. Update the apron

There are many methods to protect the kitchen walls from damage. You can use stickers on the tile or Velcro to attach an apron to the wall (which you can always unfasten, wash and attach). Regardless of the approach, this way will make your kitchen original.

DIY Home Decor: How To Install a Temporary Kitchen Backsplash

6. Emphasize your furniture

It happens that when cleaning kitchen furniture, often spotted dirty spots and yellow raids. An easy way to overcome this problem is to equalize this trouble with the drawing.

7. Add some work space

Interacting with the subject, of course, is good. But there are times when a person does not have a permanent place and money. At these times he can apply the Food52 board: use the ironing board as a temporary workspace.

8. Keep plants and flowers at home

Against the background of strict kitchen furniture, the windows can look damp and lifeless. Even a small flower in a vase (as shown in the house of Courtney and Michael) will add energy and color to the interior .

After making sure that there is something alive in a prominent place, your kitchen will never seem dead.

Courtney & Michael's Scandinavian Comfort

And did you like our ideas? Perhaps you want to share your life in the comments!

The idea of ​​using space above the lockers is simple and easy to do. And in a small kitchen this not only saves space, but also visually makes it more spacious (due to the effect of lengthening). Kitchen aprons remarkably extend the neat appearance of the kitchen. I have a few, I change them to the mood.

Ideas for the kitchen in this article, all as one, are equally useful and, most importantly, incredibly simple. Especially I liked the way of distraction from not the best details of the interior with a bright rug. So I wanted to replace my carpet in the kitchen with a brighter option!

A lot of ideas for the kitchen are turning in my head, but when there comes an urgent need to apply them – everything evaporates! Thanks to your article, now I'm definitely using a couple of tips!

From my own ideas for the kitchen I can say it is guaranteed that the flowers and the filled space under the bedside tables are an excellent option. They make a wonderful mood and make the kitchen much more atmospheric.

Welcome to our kitchen design resource! We created a collection of unusual and attractive kitchen interiors and decor ideas for decorating your home.

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