Industrial style in the interior of the kitchen – what elements and details to use?


Our heroine, Emily, says that when she came up with the image of the kitchen, she was inspired by the industrial style in the interior of bars and eateries and traditional French interiors. Speaking of the latter, there are in mind large chamotte sinks, white marble countertops and cabinets with glass doors, through which you can see the dishes.

That's what our cuisine meant, our heroine. But it was also attracted by the industrial style of small cafes and shops. They are characterized by wood, forging, rough tiles of dark color, concrete and ancient low-hung plafonds.

Furniture and things had to get a more traditional look. Bathroom was the place of experiment – it was decided to use either a unique floor tile or some unusual wallpaper. A small area helped to save with materials.

Emily recently received her master's degree in architecture and decided to try herself as a designer. She says that at some moments her husband was a customer for her, because she had to argue her proposals and decisions.

The design process began with the zoning of space. First, there must be enough space in the kitchen for two people to cook at the same time. Secondly, the room should be sufficiently lit. Both goals have been successfully achieved!

The color palette of the kitchen is shades found in materials such as wood, concrete and iron. The tiles in the kitchen of Emily and Aaron are classic and white – creates an elegant pattern on the wall.

The heroine notes that the most expressive part of the project is a floor covering in the bathroom. The dark floor (like a dragon's skin) against a background of almost white interior looks great.

A photo with mirrors in a bright room for inspiration – at last.

The combination of features of industrial style and French design in the interior of the kitchen, which the heroine of the article took into use, became an excellent tandem for creating a magnificent kitchen set. A competent layout, aesthetic decor, optimally chosen color scheme allows the room to be very comfortable and beautiful.

My old place is to create an industrial style in the interior of my house. But my apartment, unfortunately, is too small for such experiments.

Industrial style in the interior is, of course, good, but still an amateur. I can not help feeling that the pictures are not a kitchen, but some American snack bar. Someone will like this kind of interior, I think that this style lacks coziness, and for the kitchen it is very important, because here we spend most of the time.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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