In front of everyone: the design of a glass kitchen


Design of glass kitchen

The design of glass kitchen is a complicated thing . Well-known nutritionist Brian Wansink wrote:

In food, better guided by the principle "out of sight – out of mind!" As practice shows and most studies, the first eaten food, which lies in sight.

If you have open shelves, then make them anything but food. If you have a glass buffet, then make sure that you can see nothing but dishes. Vkusnyashki in a prominent place – the main enemy of your figure! "

It is interesting that he said when he saw this wonderful glass kitchen, developed by Dutch architects MVRDV and shown at the Venice Biennale of Architecture.

The concept of such furniture is aimed at increasing people's awareness of the events happening in the kitchen: how much food we store, how much waste we create, how clean the work surface is.

One of the MVRDV designers says:

If we imagine that everything is completely clean and transparent, does it not turn out that only food is bright and visible? It turns out that loving food is fine and normal.

The creator of Valcucine at the Biennale

MVRDV not the first to release a collection of furniture from glass. Valcucine has been doing this for years. They explained that it is environmentally friendly, durable and durable and will last for many more decades.

The only difference is that they use colored panels for cabinets. But now Valcucine is going to release a completely transparent collection.

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