Impressive Bedroom Designs


Before you say that your bedrooms, dear readers, are beautiful and interesting, look at the selection of rooms that are amazing imagination. Admire and dream.

A room that looks like a glass greenhouse is definitely an interesting idea. Save the sense of privacy will help the garden, broken around such a room.

Another example of a glass bedroom is a transparent bubble surrounded by nature.

A less extravagant solution can be a bedroom on the top floor with glass walls and a ceiling. It offers a magnificent view, and a round bed gives the room a complete view.

What could be better than falling asleep in the open? Such a solution was invented in the Finnish Kakslauttanen Hotel.

You can sleep under the stars at home.

The bed is one of the most important elements in the bedroom. The original nest, invented by Oge Architects, is incredibly comfortable and cozy.

Hammock, and if it is also stretched between the floors, – a very interesting and memorable decision.

And what about a beer barrel? At the German hotel Landhotel Hof Beveland, you can try this.

We knew that the aquarium gives the room a cosiness, but certainly did not expect such an original solution!

This option may seem cold and uncomfortable. But do not say this until you test the ice bed yourself.

For all lovers of hikes and tents, this option of a room outside the premises will seem very attractive.

The swimming pool, located within walking distance of the bed, can be a very tempting idea.

Imagine that you are surrounded only by glass walls and tons of water, and looking out the window you see not birds and trees, but fish and corals.

Continues the maritime theme of this unusual bed from an old boat. An excellent solution for a beach house.

Woodlands Inn offers its guests a chic room with a luxurious bed, a huge jacuzzi and a romantic design.

A round bed is the central element of this design. Finish the picture fixtures and lavender color of the walls.

Of course, sometimes you want something simple and real. This room in the rustic style is full of its unique charm.

An excellent detail for the room are living plants. And what about the whole tree?

What if you do not stop at the glass ceiling and walls, and make the entire room completely made of glass, turn on the floor?

When it comes to children's, the pirate theme never goes out of fashion.

A bed in the form of a car may seem child too childish, but not in this case.

In such a cozy shell you can feel yourself a precious pearl.

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