Importance of kitchen interior design – how not to be mistaken with the design of a home social center


If you are obsessed with the desire to repair the kitchen, then without drawing up a plan for its reconstruction can not do. Even the most wonderful kitchen appliances and furniture of the finest finishes will not create a cosiness in a poorly planned room. Therefore, interior design should be entrusted to the kitchen designer.

The specialist will be able to solve the tasks that you can not do. He will develop a schematic plan for restructuring, which, perhaps, will need to remove or move the wall, rearrange the furniture. Think about the design to the smallest detail and take them into account when making estimates.

1. Development of a program for the reconstruction of

Some clients, inspired by the idea of ​​restructuring, include in the list incredible changes, which are sometimes divorced from reality. The designer will put everything in its place. It can offer several options, for example, the project of a kitchen room L-shaped or U-shaped.

To leaf through, to look at furniture catalogs still early. The reorganization plan may include changing windows or doors. By the way, it should not include descriptions of the color of cabinets, drawers, where pans, utensils, silverware will be stored.

2. Preparation of preliminary estimates

After the development of the reconstruction plan and a detailed description of the scope of work, the contractor is ready to give an estimate of their approximate cost. The more information a professional receives, the more accurate his estimated figures will be. However, in the process of implementation, some adjustments may be made to the project.

At this stage, the costs for the modern kitchen design and its elements are calculated: the cost of the headset, the work of the cabinet maker, the table top, the tiles, the floors and the like.

3. Detailing the project with drawings and drawings

Drawing diagrams and sketches help visualize what will happen in the kitchen after its redevelopment. What furniture is needed, where will be the equipment, dishes, cutlery, spices. How many doors are at the lockers, how will they open .

4. Expected Finish Materials

Their thinking is the final stage of planning. In the drawings that supplement the project, you can depict what shades, what and in what proportion the finishing materials are suitable for the implementation of the idea.

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