If the layout of the kitchen is linear: 10 ways to improve the design


Linear layout of the kitchen: effective and attractive

In those cases where the availability of free space is a priority, can the linear layout of the kitchen be the preferred solution? Single-row headsets occupy the smallest area in comparison with analogues of another configuration, because – as their name implies – all their components are aligned in a single line.

The presence of a smaller number of cabinets involves reducing the cost of purchasing and installing a kitchen. Properly designed design, especially in the case of compact interiors, allows one to feel one of the most important advantages associated with the rejection of a large number of cabinets: the ability to have all the necessary items at hand.

Anyway, there are many ways to improve the kitchen with a linear layout, and we would like to tell you about some of them.

1. Create the conditions for communication

At first glance, the compactness of the linear kitchen may seem a disadvantage, but in fact this feature allows it to apply to a lesser extent for living space, if compared with other plans. If you choose this option, you will ensure that you have free space outside the kitchen interior.

In the photo – quite typical interior with a linear kitchen set, supporting the concept of open space, focused on interaction between family members.

2. Develop an effective design

This approach is appropriate for creating any kitchen interiors, but it becomes a necessity in the case of a single-row layout, assuming, as we recall, the compactness of the headset. Usually (but not always) a refrigerator is included in the composition of the single-row headset, which is put on the edge. Nearby there can be a sink and a working surface (that is, a countertop) with a dishwasher and a pair of cabinets under it.

Since the single-row kitchen for obvious reasons does not block the light, you can afford to buy a pair of high cabinets.

3. Rely on the standard headset layout

Usually over a number of lower cabinets is the same in length row of the top. Sometimes, on the one hand, a high cabinet is put, or two – on both sides. It goes without saying that the hood should be included in the upper row. If you prefer this particular, standard layout, consider the possibility of occupying the entire width of the wall with cabinets.

4. Experiment with shelves of different types

As an alternative to the standard layout, one can imagine the option of replacing part of the cabinets with open shelves. They are installed, as a rule, to the right or left of a number of cabinets, but do not break it. Open shelves are very practical and attractive from an aesthetic point of view.

5. Install mezzanine cabinets

This is another great way to improve the design of single-row kitchen. It is clear that its implementation requires certain conditions, namely – a sufficient ceiling height. Designers are advised to place under the mezzanine row cabinets of lesser depth to bring dynamics to the interior.

Pay attention to the kitchen in the photo. Painting the walls and the suite in one color, the authors of the project provoked the emergence of the illusion of solidity. As if the kitchen in this room is not at all, but there is a wall with interesting protrusions and niches.

Carefully consider the list of items that you will store in the uppermost cabinets: these should be things used occasionally.

6. Take care of storage

Storage is an important option for any kitchen interior, whether it is compact or spacious. But when it comes to linear planning, this topic acquires even greater importance: cabinets are smaller, and utensils, appliances and various things absolutely necessary in everyday life – can not be counted.

Without a roomy extra closet here is indispensable, but you should consider other storage possibilities. Here are the most obvious solutions – the compartments under the seat of the bench in the corner for breakfast and the placement of hanging cabinets in another part of the room.

7. Choose the appropriate home appliances

The modest size of a single-row headset does not deprive you of the opportunity to purchase modern and beautiful household appliances, with a good set of functions and high quality. Now in any store there is an excellent choice of compact dishwashers, cookers and microwave ovens, both built-in and installed separately.

If we are talking about an open-plan kitchen, special attention should be paid to the search for noiseless appliances, so that a working hood or a washing machine, for example, does not irritate those who try to watch TV in the living room.

8. Add an island

Try to find an opportunity to install at least a small kitchen island parallel to a single-headset (of course, this should be taken care of even at the stage of planning the design of the kitchen). Believe me, you will be convinced of the correctness of this decision almost immediately, as soon as you start to prepare in the updated interior.

9. Differentiate the space

If you think that the island does not fit in any way into the interior of the kitchen, or in your plans, consider the possibility of placing a table of decent dimensions. It is perfect for family meals and will take on the function of an additional work surface.

In addition to the above obvious advantages, it is worth noting one more thing: the table will form a dining area, so that the kitchen space will become more interesting and complex.

There are other ways to achieve this effect: install a bar stand with high stools or use different types of floor coverings to decorate areas.

10. Make an accent one feature of the interior

This can be anything, since the line headsets themselves, as a rule, do not differ in bright design. Their unpretentious appearance is an excellent background for demonstrating an interesting element, such as masonry, as shown in this photo.

On the other hand, you can make the focal element of the kitchen itself, choosing a set of rich colors that contrast with the decor of the surrounding space. As an alternative to this role open shelves with interesting objects placed on them or an apron in the original design will do.

Whatever your preferences, a kitchen with a linear layout is an option that should be considered, especially in conditions of a deficit of square meters.

Do you have a single kitchen? What measures have you taken to optimize its space? What else would you like to change? Share your ideas with us!

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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