Ideas of two-story houses: photos of original buildings


A two-storey house, first of all, is an excellent opportunity to get a large living space on a small plot. The average land area occupies about 8 acres, if it has a large apartment house with an area of ​​150 square meters, it will look too bulky here. If the territory is still located hospostroeniya and garage, then the place on the garden or the garden will not remain at all. In addition, to create an ideal large one-story house, while avoiding the construction of walk-through rooms is completely unrealistic, because only halls and corridors can "steal" up to 30% of the total area of ​​the house.

A two-storey house is an ideal option when you need a large living space, but with elegance and external restraint. Having built a two-storey house, it is possible to build a garage next to it and also there will be plenty of space for a garden or a garden.

Advantages of two-story houses:

  • Aesthetic originality and attractiveness – with the help of such a house you can realize different architectural ideas and techniques. The facades of these houses often look very solid and original, much nicer than the one-story houses. In general, in the minds of people there was such a principle that a two-storey house is "steeper", because the roof is more complicated, and architecturally it is more expressive and alluring.
  • Zoning of space – in most cases, two-story houses competently zonirovat, leaving the first floor for a "day" life (kitchen, living room, utility room, etc.) and "night" (bedrooms for the owners and their children). Simply speaking, having a two-story house, a person can always go upstairs in order to seclude himself and stay in silence, relaxing a little. In a single-storey house, this is much more difficult to do, besides, it is possible that the bedroom will become "pass-through".
  • Elegant view – which can be opened from the balcony of the second floor, terrace. Often, people build fences whose height reaches 3 meters, if the house is single-storey, then in addition to the fence, nothing interesting will be seen, unlike a two-story house, which discomforts the limited space.
  • Wide choice of materials – the house can be built from any material, which turned out to be the most attractive. For the construction of an impressive house suitable brick, bar, aerated concrete, special treated logs or houses of wireframe technology.

There are many advantages, but you can not escape from shortcomings, because they too are:

  • Mandatory installation of a ladder – it is impossible to climb to the second floor if it is not available, which means that you will have to sacrifice a living area for its installation. The staircase is a big problem for the elderly, because constantly up and down do not run into (if the house for pensioners, then on the second floor it is better to move the guest rooms). In addition, in two-story houses it is the staircase that is the place where most injuries occur and carry a danger.
  • Thermal insulation – if its level is the same in both types of houses, then in a two-story house it will be cooler at 10-15%.
  • Emergency situations – if a fire occurred in the house, and a fire broke out, then it is much easier to evacuate in a single-story house, which increases the level of security.
  • Installation of bathrooms – if they are located one above the other, everything is fine, but if such an arrangement is impossible because of the layout, then there is a big problem – the layout of the sewage pipes. In addition, you need to deal with the ventilation system on the first floor, in a brick house, this is particularly difficult to deal with and most likely, you have to sacrifice the quality of insulation. The ventilation system in a two-story house is much more expensive.

Special attention is required by engineering systems. In a single-story house their conduct is simple, in particular, you can use the attic. In a two-story house, this is much more difficult, since it will be necessary to build communication systems in the interstorey overlap, and this greatly affects the complexity of the construction and complicates the process of repairing systems when breakdowns occur.

In connection with the above problem, it is necessary to make the drawing in such a way that the systems have direct access through control hatches located in the most critical places for possible breakages.

In order to heat this house it is necessary to install a pump for forced circulation of water, but in a single-storey house it is enough to use a "driveway". The main problem of a two-story house lies in the creation of a complex ventilation system. If you install quality plastic windows and warm the house well, you will have to build a difficult extraction system with a lot of nodal wiring. This process is not only complicated, but also very expensive in terms of finances. The only thing that costs the same amount is the conduct of electrical wiring, everything else in a two-story house is much more difficult and expensive.

If you build a fireplace, it will create additional difficulties. Having installed a fireplace on the first floor of such a house you will have to think carefully about how the chimney will pass through the second floor, in addition, it will be necessary to ensure fire safety of the floors between the floors. If you install a fireplace on the second floor, then you need to make a reinforced concrete base, which is also not cheap.

Which house is more profitable?

In order to find out, you need to analyze the cost of a one- and two-story house. According to one rule, the higher the number of storeys, the cheaper the square meter of living space. The roof of a two-story house is much smaller, which means its roof is cheaper. If the overlap between the floors is made of wood, then there is a significant savings on screeds and insulation.

Allows you to reduce the cost of 30% construction of the attic, the more it is very interesting and attractive looks. If we compare the cost of the foundation, then everything depends on the materials from which the house will be built. If you build a two-storey house made of bricks, then the foundation must be powerful and stable. And this will entail significant costs – more than a single-storey house of the same area. To save, it is better to build a house out of a bar, in which case the amount of the required foundation is sharply reduced.

In general, the construction of a single-storey house is simpler, but not so elegant. Much depends on the shape of the house, if you give it the right shape (rectangle or square), then the construction will be cheaper and easier in its complexity.

As a result, I must say that the two-story house has a number of advantages and advantages. If you correctly approach its construction, you can not overpay, and on the way out get a masterpiece for the whole family. Two-story houses have many layouts, various building techniques. You need to properly zonirovat such a house, placing downstairs common rooms, and on the top of the bedroom and a room for children. The most appropriate option would be if the house assumes an attic, which reduces the living space of the second floor.

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