Ideas for storing bed linen for the cleanliness and comfort of your home


Charming ideas of storing bed linen for those who appreciate organization and order! Even if you do not have a special linen closet, you can neatly fold down the duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases in any cabinet and drawer.

Ideas for storing bed linen

Fold the bed sets into pillowcases so that you can quickly and conveniently get one if necessary.

Bed linen from Martha Stewart

Having placed on the shelves of bed linen and towels, in the lower compartment you can put a basket on the wheels. Then the floor will not clutter up, and the closet will be maximally functional.

Roomy closet to the ceiling

This closet-pantry for linen was filled with the most necessary things. Here – a cot and sheets for guests, blankets, pillows, home and beach towels, thick winter blankets and a lot of pillowcases.

Built-in wardrobe for bed linen, towels, blankets and pillows

Even the simplest closet with open shelves will look smart and nice, if you put the laundry in a stack, bandaged with elegant ribbons. Perhaps not the most practical option, but very attractive.

Charming cupboard with glass doors

And if you like vintage in the interior, then such a linen closet will be a godsend. And it is not necessary to keep things in it in perfect order.

Expressive gray wardrobe in vintage style

The outdoor table for linen in the bathroom will be a guarantee of order and cleanliness. And the towels will always be at hand.

Outdoor glass table for towels

If you put in order and get everything out of the closet unnecessary, you probably will have several free shelves.

Wide cupboard with wicker baskets inside and on top

For those who like to carefully sort and pack everything, a wonderful wardrobe with signed towels and other things, will become a wonderful example of orderliness and functionality.

Cabinet Design from County Seat Living

How and where do you store your bed linen? Share your secrets with us!

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I recently moved to a new apartment and so far I have only two sets of sheets and duvet covers. But I still can not find the idea of ​​keeping bed linen that suits me. In my opinion that even the grandmother told me the whole bed can be put in a pillow case, but I usually listened to her very inattentively. Today I'll try!

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