Ideas for organizing places for storage in bathrooms


A beautiful, cozy, spacious bathroom, where everything is located with rationality and practicality is the dream of any of us. In large-sized bathrooms to organize places to store the necessary supplies is not difficult and does not require special ingenuity. But with the arrangement of small bathrooms, very often you have to solve the problem with a lack of free space for shelves, cabinets, chests of drawers. However, having shown creative imagination, having listened to the advice of designers and builders, you can transform the bathroom into an original room:

There are many ways to equip the bathroom with special places for storing items. With the correct organization of space, you can compactly place a lot of useful and necessary things.

Traditional methods of storage equipment

The easiest way is to pick up ready-made washbasins with curbstones. But not always the design of plumbing pipes and hoses, the layout of the premises allows the use of standard furniture, so most residents have to deal with individual projects of the storage system.

The simplest option is to design modular shelves from several boxes of cubic shape. This option is the least expensive and is quite accessible to everyone:

Conventional racks can be varied with shelves of various sizes, configurations. Such open structures look very impressive and unusual:

The most popular and traditional place where you can place bottles with hygiene products, boxes and packages with detergents, towels and much more is the space under the washbasin:

Built-in lockers with doors harmoniously combined with open shelves for storage of towels and other items:

For greater convenience it is better to arrange shelves with towels next to the washbasin or shower:


Under the sink is easy to arrange drawers, separated by partitions – it's an excellent option to keep all the necessary items in order. The configuration of internal boxes can be very diverse, depending on whether you store items in a horizontal or vertical position:

Boxes under the washbasins can be equipped with metal rods, on which towels can be towed:

Retractable shelves on withdrawable mechanisms is very convenient and practical: you can get the most distant items:

Very convenient and compact rollout boxes with a vertical way of storing objects:

Such vertical racks can be equipped with additional outlets for hairdryers, stylers and other devices:

Built-in constructions

Built-in furniture is very convenient and practical, as it is created directly for a particular project and takes into account all the nuances of planning. A large built-in storage system, where there are open shelves, and cabinets with doors, and drawers will contain all the necessary accessories in the order:

Storage areas can be a system that combines individual cabinets under the sink and built into the recesses of the shelves, chests of drawers and cabinets:

Symmetrically located niches are perfect for arranging shelves. They will give a complete look to the interior in the bathroom:

Also, any deepening in the wall of the bathroom can be used for the organization of stands and shelves. This method does not require the search for additional space and building materials:

Such stands can be located in close proximity to the bath or shower equipment. This is very convenient, because The shelves form a monolithic unity with the construction of the wall. If you trim them with the same material as the walls themselves, then these mini-niches are easy to clean from contaminants:

With the help of built-in design with shelves and lockers it is easy to hide any flaws in the room, pipes, meters and other equipment:

Suspended Systems

Console structures for placing bath accessories and various cosmetics are the most suitable option for small rooms. The shelves can be made of a variety of materials.

In the style of the loft (it is also called industrial), metal structures will fit organically:

Shelves made of wood look very stylish in the interior of the bathroom and are suitable for ecological and rustic styles:

Glass shelves, equipped with additional lighting, create a sense of weightlessness and will be appropriate in any style:

Console shelving models are convenient and rational: they do not take meters of free space, do not clutter the space, they can be placed on any free areas of the walls at the bottom and at the top:

Suspended curbstones, located under the washbasin, are not only a compact storage place for things, such models allow you to sit comfortably near the sink:

If the chest of drawers with a console system is large enough, you must create additional supports at the edges. The distance from the floor to the beginning of the boxes can also be used as an additional storage space, for example, by installing a lattice stand:

Usually the wall above the toilet remains unused, but in a small bathroom this area can be used with rationalization benefits if you attach there light shelves:

What you need to consider when organizing storage in the bathroom

The necessary nuances in the arrangement of bathrooms:

  1. good ventilation, because Towels, robes and woven from the vine accessories, wooden parts from excess moisture quickly become unusable;
  2. good lighting to easily find the right items;
  3. Use materials that are easy to clean, do not rust and on which water stains are not very noticeable.
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