Ideas for organizing a dining area in the kitchen – his Majesty the round table is confidently leading

As you know, the kitchen is the heart of the house. Often, due to lack of space or for the purpose of its more effective use, it unites with the dining room. Today we would like to discuss with you some interesting ideas concerning the arrangement of the dining area in the immediate vicinity of the kitchen.

To create an optimal interior from all points of view, it is not necessary to use exclusive expensive furniture. First of all, it is necessary to choose the right configuration of the dining area. One of the most popular – round or gravitating to the shape of a circle. It allows you to solve several important tasks.

To accommodate more people

Thanks to the absence of sharp corners, all family members and guests can conveniently sit around the table.

Even after installing a similar table in the transition zone, next to the living room, you can make it harmoniously combined with other furnishings.

Space saving

One of the main characteristics of dining room furniture should be compactness. Ideal dining group, being located even in the closest room, should not overload the space. Consider this if the problem of a deficit of square meters is familiar to you.

The size (diameter) of the table is extremely important: too bulky will deprive you of the opportunity to move freely around the room, and too little will not allow your family to feel comfortable during meals.

Compact dining table

Continuation of the kitchen

Today it is very important to install kitchen islands with built-in dining areas. The latter, by the way, can also have rounded outlines and have a number of advantages due to this. Particularly interesting are the models in which the rectangular part of the tabletop merges seamlessly with the other, having the shape of an almost complete circle.

It's beautiful, comfortable and original. The main thing is that the design is integral, and then you will have more space for work, and your relatives will be able to spend time with you.

Practical versatility and glossy chic

An elegant classic combined with an uncharacteristic shape will make furniture for the dining room look more noble.

If you choose an option that will allow more functional use of space, a round-shaped table will suit you best. Weigh all its advantages and disadvantages in order to understand exactly which model should decorate your kitchen.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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