Ideas for kitchen interior design: stylish options for color and choice of accessories


The ideas of interior design of the kitchen, which we offer our readers, will be enjoyed by those who prefer to spend most of their time here surrounded by the whole family or to receive guests in an informal atmosphere.

If you need all the technological comforts of the 21st century, this does not mean that you can not choose a traditional style. Selecting everyday devices such as toasters and mixers for your kitchen, learn a lot of gizmos in a vintage style that will be ideal for such a design solution.

To complement the interior with small details this is art. Note that the work surfaces should be devoid of decorative disorder, and kitchen accessories must be practical.

Design idea from Alex Amend Photography

The English poet William Morris very well said: "Do not keep in your premises what could be considered useless." We completely agree with him. It is necessary that the objects intended for decorating the room are both beautiful and useful. Create different cutting boards for each type of product. Collect them and hang them as decorative elements. They look fabulous, and still this way will always be at hand.

Design idea from Witt Construction

In old medieval kitchens pots and pans were probably hanging around an open fire. Today we want to repeat this, but only if they look good. Copper pans over the island are also an excellent decor, and at the same time they can be used in the cooking process.

Design idea from Turan Designs, Inc.

Visitors to our online magazine Ideas for kitchen interiors know that all modern stoves have a timer. But there's nothing better than the big clock on the wall that you can see from anywhere in the room.

There are fantastic specimens, which are an exact copy of the clock at the railway station. They can be found in flea markets or in antique shops. They are simply gorgeous. This is the first thing you will notice when you hit this beautiful interior.

Design idea from Smith & Vansant Architects PC

In old Victorian kitchens, towels were hung on the door of the stove, but they were usually not as cute as what can now be found in modern stores. Consider them as an attractive accent this is almost always a good decision.

Design idea from Hendel Homes

If you like to cook, then you will need free access to greenery. And the sunny window sill is perfect for growing it. Now in the market you can find a whole lot of different pots and varieties of greens.

Design idea from Palmer Todd

In modern markets there are so many trendy scales for products, but for the traditional style try to get a beautiful vintage set. It looks amazing, and you can always use them for their intended purpose.

Design idea from Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Be really practical and create accessories from everyday necessities. Distribute them on beautiful glass jars and bottles, as in this wonderful kitchen.

Design idea from Details a Design Firm

Use the top of the cabinets, located at eye level, to showcase the best decorative plates that you serve the table with every day. In this kitchen, beautiful dishes huddle far from the cooking area, so it does not get a spray of fat.

Design idea from Jennifer Gray Interiors

A note-board is an optional condition for a traditional style. But if you want to follow it completely, then this is also very practical. It is popular to leave messages to family members on such a surface or create shopping lists. Here you can also draw up an evening menu for your guests.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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