Ideas for kitchen floor design in the form of a chess board


The chess floor is a classic of the genre. Along with strips, this is one of the most popular ideas for coloring the flooring. The idea is used in different rooms, but most organically it is performed in the kitchen.

Even in modern design of the house, the chess floor remains relevant. The design features are adjusted, but the basic design remains unchanged.

Traditional kitchen interior with chess floor

The term "chessboard" is used to refer to any rectangle consisting of square tiles, while the adjective "chess" refers more to the figure.

Such an image can be found anywhere, up to the national symbolism, but it gained special popularity in the design of the kitchen space. The breadth of its use is due to the simplicity of the color scheme – initially the floor was made only from a combination of black and white.

The black and white chess floor in an eclectic kitchen emphasizes contrast and simplicity

Another version of the "chessboard", where instead of the usual black is used gray

Modern kitchen chess floor adds a touch of classics

A real minimalist kitchen with a black and white interior and a color floor

Harmonious decor, focused simultaneously on the combination and contrast of color

The wooden floor in the kitchen is staggered for a more dynamic look

Everyone knows that the combination of black and white has already become a classic. Therefore, deciding to design the floor in such colors, you can be sure that over time the interior will not lose its relevance.

The floors made in the chess pattern are considered to be an element of the classical situation, but they also look harmonious in modern and stylish design. It is worth noting that this flooring gives the kitchen an interesting visual effect and uniqueness of its design in general.

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