Ideas for interior design of modern kitchens: practical tips for designers


Ideas of interior design of modern kitchens are very diverse. Bold color and decorative solutions, original layout, an interesting choice of finishing materials – all this is present in those two projects, which we will talk about today.

1. Owners of a private home located in the city of Leander, Texas, wanted very much to have a functional space, divided into two zones. One was intended solely for cooking, and the other was for gay banquets, which are often collected by their numerous friends and relatives. That's why Dawn Hearn Interior Design specialists who designed this room used sliding wooden doors to separate the two areas and elements of rural style to create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere.

2. The main requirements of the owners of a spacious cottage overlooking the lake in the city of Morris, Illinois, were: the maximum open space, natural materials, a bright palette and bright color accents. As a result, thanks to the creative approach of the designers of the Saloga Design Build architectural bureau, they had a light kitchen with a separate working area, a long wooden table in the center and a small soft corner for a tea party next to a large panoramic window.

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The idea of ​​modern interior design with the separation of the place for receiving guests from the work area is very rational. This option will allow to receive friends and relatives in a more comfortable environment. And bright accents and finish from natural materials helps the room to look especially aesthetically and cozy.

Now there are so many ideas for interior design of modern cuisines, which is very difficult to decide and choose something of your own. However, designers for that and experts to help owners make this difficult choice.

Good ideas for interior design of modern kitchens. Most of all I liked the very last option. A bright kitchen island is the highlight of this kitchen. A very nice turquoise color will delight and relax. Recently I read that such colors stimulate the brain, and also help to relax. So for the kitchen – the ideal option.

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