Ideas for design and arrangement of kitchens


Modern kitchen represents, perhaps, one of the most important and extremely functional premises in the apartment. After all, in addition to eating food, we often meet with our relatives and friends for communication, in connection with which, there is an opinion that the kitchen is the heart of the house. Today's cuisine dictates special requirements – it should be maximally functional, comfortable and at the same time beautiful.

Where to start?

In order to choose the best option for decorating the kitchen, you need to decide on some things:

The plan of the kitchen – it's best to estimate how to arrange the furniture and what kind of furniture it will be, making sketches on paper;

Kitchen appliances – it is necessary to think in advance of a list of items of equipment, as well as the places where it will be located;

Style of the interior – it is necessary to determine the style in which the interior of the kitchen will be executed, and accordingly acquire all the necessary attributes for this (depending on the style chosen);

Lighting is a very important aspect, allowing to create different shades and moods, and the working surface should be perfectly illuminated, it is extremely important for the kitchen;

Ensure the presence of sockets – it is best if the sockets are on each wall to avoid the piling of objects of kitchen appliances working surface near the power source

A few recommendations on style

  • if there is a desire for peace and stability, then the best choice will be the classical style;
  • for decorating the kitchen in the country or in a country house, it will be advisable to choose a country style – a cozy rural atmosphere;
  • if the hosts are modern, practical people, keeping pace with the times, then the high-tech style or minimalism is the optimal solution;
  • If there is a tendency to a variety of national styles, a colorful ethnic style will be an excellent option

Floor covering

The floor in the kitchen receives the greatest load, almost maximum compared to other rooms in the house. Therefore, the floor covering must be chosen sufficiently durable, such as material such as wood, stone, concrete, vinyl or cork. In general, a very practical option for flooring in the kitchen is the floor tile, which is environmentally cleaner than linoleum and more practical than carpet or laminate. The only drawback – tile floors are cold in comparison with parquet or wooden floors. However, the problem is solved if you install heated floors.

Wall decoration

Regarding walls, the main criterion in choosing a coating is the simplest and most convenient maintenance. Simply put, the walls should be easy to wash, because kitchen – a place where water and grease are constantly sprayed when cooking. It is for this purpose and serves as a wall apron, the essence of which is to protect against contamination of walls that come into contact with the working surface. After all, the apron is covered with a special material, which is not afraid of water, is easily washed off from fat and is not subject to abrasion. Materials suitable for the kitchen apron: natural stone, wall tiles, glass.

With regard to the design of the walls themselves – everything depends on the imagination and taste of the owners. You can apply painting, wood trim or simply wallpaper wallpaper – if only the material was waterproof. If this is wallpaper, then they must be necessarily washable (non-woven or vinyl). If the choice falls on the painting of walls, half-matt water-based paint will be an excellent solution, because with its use, the walls will retain vapor permeability and moisture resistance, and will also be easily washed with detergents. Wood trim is also a good option, however, this method of decorating the walls will reduce the area of ​​the room, in connection with which, it is relevant only for spacious kitchens. Wood trim is used in several variants: completely, from floor to ceiling, also, you can make wooden panels, and you can cover everything except the work surface with wood.

Ceiling decoration

The ceiling is also desirable to be washable and waterproof. The material can serve, for example, tiles made of expanded polystyrene, which represents the cheapest and fastest way of finishing – everything depends on the chosen style of the interior. Plastic panels and lath ceilings, for example, are good in that it does not require preliminary special preparation of the surface. The only negative – the height of the ceilings sneaks at 7 cm minimum, and also the room gets a more formal appearance. Also it is possible to decorate a ceiling from gypsum cardboard, possessing soundproofing properties, the truth, gypsum cardboard requires puttying and staining. By the way, plastering and shpatlevanie is a classic way of finishing the ceiling, however, it is laborious enough, but it is of high quality, does not hide height and does not require expenditure, for example, on a sickle. Of course, stretch ceilings look impressive, which are very easy to assemble, but again, there is a similar minus – the height of the room is concealed.


Electricity in the kitchen should also not be forgotten and discarded. For example, it is very important that the sockets are positioned so that the plugs from the instruments are convenient to insert into them. Also, they must be grounded and protected from water droplets or wetting.

Arrangement of furniture

When arranging furniture in the kitchen, first of all, there should be rationality, namely, it should occupy a minimum of space, as well as time and effort for any work should also be spent a minimum. For this purpose, before making furniture purchases, elementary measurements are made taking into account electrical outlets and ventilation boxes, as well as pipes and window sills.

There are a lot of options for arranging furniture, just like the furniture itself. But the minimum set is a stove, a sink and a table, which must always be present in the kitchen.

Concerning the color gamut – it is necessary to remember that too bright tones will irritate, and too dark will absorb light. In this regard, for the kitchen idelian shades are light: beige, soft yellow or light gray. If there is a desire to make a contrast, then it is easy to make with the help of textiles, for example, curtains of rich coloring or with the help of a colorful dish placed on the shelf.

Kitchen appliances must also be selected in accordance with the overall design of the kitchen.

Lastly, we bring to the interior a bright piece or "zest"

In order to emphasize the individuality of the created interior, it is necessary to "season" it with additional accessories in the form of decorative juicy details. This does not mean that you need to clutter the kitchen with souvenirs and other trinkets. To do this, there are more useful items, for example, such as cutting boards or kitchen knives. If the set of branded knives is located in a special stand, and also, carousels in the corner modules – all this will contribute to the solid and colorful appearance of the interior. The same effect will create a refrigerator with an urban motive or with an animal print under a leopard, for example. Well, to give even more glamor you can apply inlay crystals or decorating with rhinestones Svarovski.

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