Ideas for decorating windows in the kitchen – extraordinary design solutions


Connoisseurs of home comfort will love these stunning ideas for decorating windows, the kitchen will become much lighter and cozy. Unusual window above the sink attracts the eye, so the most minimal decor will change the atmosphere of the whole room. So the copper handles and mixer in the photo above look great against the background of the expressive blue frame from Erin of Francoise et Moi.

An unusual design solution will be a living vine, like Elizabeth and Jeremy, who beautifully decorated the perimeter around the window.

Beautiful white finish for the window is a rectangular cornice with a bright pink edging.

The whiteness of the walls and the window frame is highlighted by two black candlesticks on both sides of the window.

To give a window of movement and individuality it is possible by means of a single hanging lamp.

With the help of one of the ideas for decorating windows in the kitchen, I will decorate the cottage dining room. I liked the curtains with tassels in the Bocho style. It just fits the interior, I already bought an artificially aged carpet with oriental ornaments, bright fringes with fringes on the backs of chairs and soft pads on the bench.

Ideas for decorating windows in the kitchen will help make the room more comfortable and light. The most unusual and, I think, successful solution is the vine, located along the perimeter of the window. Such a design move will create an atmosphere of special relaxation in the room.

Thanks for the great ideas of decorating the windows in the kitchen. Most of all I liked the decor with plants. Very fresh and original looks.

To be honest, I do not even know what to choose. The closest thing to me is a white window surrounded by white marble and with two black candlesticks of black color. There is in this some kind of charm. At the same time and simple and tasteful. Another liked the option with a curtain with pendants. It will be interesting to dilute the atmosphere. Unusually in general.

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