Ideal shades for kitchen interior in a city apartment – tips of Russian designers


While doing repairs, first of all, you are asking yourself how to choose the color of the kitchen? And this problem often is particularly acute. After all, in this room not only is the process of cooking, but often its reception. If the size of the room allows, then often we meet guests here.

Choosing the color for the kitchen, you need to consider some requirements:

  • The color scheme should not suppress appetite, but overeating is useless.
  • Too light coloring will force the landlady to constantly clean up.
  • The color design should be such that it is pleasant to be in the room.
  • After a long stay there should not be any fatigue.

Most designers are of the opinion that the ideal color for the kitchen is white. Using it, perhaps, to create interesting combinations and the interior will be unforgettable. Only additional hassle with cleaning such a room you can not avoid.

Well-established in the kitchen, bright, but not the shades of shades. They must be combined among themselves. The use of beige, peach, white tones will make your home "galley" more spacious. For liveliness as accent spots you can add something light green or red.

The color scheme should be chosen in such a way that it corresponds to the direct purpose of this room. The use of green tones calms and creates peace and harmony. In addition, this color does not suppress appetite. All its shades perfectly in harmony with various finishing materials, especially with wood and stone.

As the main color, you can recommend using gray. With it will look better the brighter other colors, available in the furniture set.

More recently, the use of red in the kitchen and its shades was quite popular. This can not be called successful, because this color, as well as bright orange or too yellow, is not very suitable as the main premises for this.

To experience the constant influence of these colors will be difficult. They can be used as accents that will revitalize space. It can be curtains, accessories, rugs.

You can, using a white color, make the red less aggressive. Many, probably, have tried strawberries with cream, it causes quite a different feeling than fresh squeezed tomato juice.

The best color for the kitchen, if you decide to seriously tackle your figure, is blue and its shades. All cold tones contribute to a decrease in appetite and normalize the work of the nervous system.

If you do not have enough experience in matching colors, then you can use a special table. It will help you choose the right shades. In the classical style most often use the colors of one scale. Well in harmony among themselves standing next to or opposite each other. It will be good to see the unification of cold and hot.

Good advice, which is worth reading, before making repairs in the kitchen: what color is ideal, what is needed – not to overeat, and what color will color the kitchen. Then you can take a special plate on the combination of colors and go to the store to select materials and a kitchen set.

The choice of colors for the design of the kitchen is as important as the choice of materials for it. By giving preference to light, calm tones, you can not only visually expand its boundaries, but also set the mood. But do not forget about the bright accents in the decor. I liked the idea of ​​combining a light kitchen with different shades of green, you want to stay in such a kitchen for a long time.

White color undoubtedly colors the interior of the kitchen. But I would not choose such a color scheme myself. I like the combination of beige and chocolate shade.

Most designers, when choosing the color of the kitchen, will advise the white color, because it is so easy to implement. In the meantime, it's a pretty marble color and you need to think in advance of the decorative elements that will simplify the task of cleaning. For example, a table top made of wood or stone. Or create a combination with red, blue hues. In general, the choice is yours, just do not be afraid to ask for help!

People of our culture differ somewhat different approach in the design of their apartment. Therefore, it is not surprising that Russian designers have approached so carefully to the development of a special table and a template for the selection of colors. They are relevant primarily for the kitchen, but in the rest of the premises you can resort. Use your health!

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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