How to use bright colors in the interior of the kitchen


Coral color in the interior of the kitchen

Bright colors in the interior of the kitchen are used quite often. When you choose them, the options are endless and limited only by your imagination and purse. This part of the house can be relaxing and calm or piquant and bright. In any case, you should get a warm and cozy place where you are pleased to be.

In this green apple kitchen with stainless steel appliances, clean lines and warm, clear feelings can be traced.

The ceiling uses wood

This sample with beach blue appliances, white cabinets and warm-colored floors is permeated with a sense of retro style.

Set in two colors

This kitchen is equipped with stainless steel appliances, black facades, and a bright copper hood.

Focus on details

The color of the sea wave and cream, stone table top and steel accessories give the room a feeling of professional, holistic work.

Gray-brown monochrome walls serve as a warming, but delicate background for dramatic accents, such as a daring blue island and a shimmering splash of ocean motifs in the background.

Sand colors with clean white finish help to smooth the transition between the open kitchen and the room.

Elements of water

In this small space there is a lot of color and texture. The main shade is a celeriac green, supplemented with light and gray boxes, bamboo curtains and pine shelves.

This design generates visual interest

If we talk about the color of this example, it is primarily a color of cold mint and white, with a black top and stainless steel appliances. The floor made of warm wood helps to tie the image together.

This muted yellowish white is not as bright. He will add warmth to both rustic and modern style. It is combined with a rich woody tone, like ceiling beams, cabinets and countertops in this room.

Shades of cream and espresso

Here are the walls of a deep, deep-colored pumpkin, exotic wood furniture, white accents and warm-colored floors.

Dark and pumpkin in a pair

This emerald green kitchen with gold lamps delivers depth and saturation.

This headset miraculously combines beige cabinets, coffee tops and tile aprons.

Fiery-orange facades are compensated by the chocolate color of the lower cabinets with steel accents and bar stools.

Very bright option

Embossed gold doors, marble top, apron and floor are really a unique combination.

If white or neutral colors seem dull to you, then choosing a gray-green paint will add the correct amount of color. It will be soothing, but will add a little piquancy to any interior.

If you do not want this coloring on all cabinets, then the two-color theme and the combination of green tones with cream or white is an excellent option.

Patterns add flavor

This gray kitchen with a granite countertop and a mosaic of Carrara marble is quite refined, despite the simple color scheme.

A variety of finishing materials

This bright blue, bounded by a blackboard, will undoubtedly inspire any culinary artist.

Glossy blue wall

The main lime color of the apron and the counter is compensated by the heat of the tree and the brick floors.

Another shade of green

As part of a fresh look at the rustic style, cover the walls with a pale blue paint. A soft mealy shade shows rich wooden floors and white high-quality furniture. It is versatile enough to fit well with various countertops and aprons.

The airy bright blue color brightens the depth of the espresso shade on the floor and complements the clean white cabinets, marble countertops, and the classic underground tile.

Dark floor in combination with a light design

All the old becomes new. Mint furniture with a light marble top and white window trim provides a neat appearance.

Apron of mirror tiles

What better way to enjoy the first gulp of morning coffee than a yellow kitchen. Funny colors will provide a golden glow throughout the day and will help to lighten the gray-brown furniture with a dark table top.

Color of mocha coffee

A dark tree and a white ceiling with indentations give the room an aura of the Old World.

Accents on chairs

This energetic, modern kitchen with walnut furnishings is rich in color, especially when paired with light golden walls and olive marble surfaces. Smooth steel parts maintain a balance of natural elements.

Cozy home feeling is preserved

This beige-blue set is accompanied by a blue-green-white tile from fused glass.

This modernist design includes gray cupboards and bold and bright red walls.

In the middle of a wooden island

Cherry household appliances, bar stools and accents give brightness to this interior in rustic style.

Citrus doors are shot in color in a black and white kitchen with a large bar counter.

The golden yellow island is combined with contrasting colors. The restored stained glass in gray, white and yellow tones details the apron along the entire back wall. It is complemented by furniture made of dark wood.

Muted tones and a variety of wood trim create a vintage image.

This kitchen is equipped with wardrobes of blue Wedgwood tempered glass. The walls are white, and the countertops are quartz.

Solid white, stainless steel appliances, metro tiles and pale salmon floor give the room an open atmosphere.

Feeling of ease in the kitchen

This design is stunningly beautiful. Cabinets of cherry wood, and details are steel.

Primary color – white

This sample is everyone's dream: a fully equipped kitchen and then extra space with an island and a bar, cupboards and a dining room in front of the door trio. The color scheme is snow-white with black and raspberry reflections.

Such a space is easy for perception. Used white, blue with a tint and turquoise colors, wooden floors and household appliances made of stainless steel.

Again shades of water

This white and oil kitchen is warm and cozy.

The saturated yellow and steel is the embodiment of courage and brightness.

The color scheme of the kitchen can be daring, neutral, or a combination of them. Stainless steel household appliances and black are popular. Muted colors can be added with accents of color with furniture, finishes and other details.

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