How to recreate the Scandinavian style in the interior of the kitchen?


About how exactly the Scandinavian style will be embodied in the interior of the kitchen, its owner decides. The best sources of inspiration in this case can serve as pictures of real spaces, decorated with great taste. We intend to offer them to our readers.

First of all, we present you an interior designed by the designers of the Swedish studio Ballingslov. He has many different advantages, but the contrast between the classic tiled floor and laconically executed cabinets is especially interesting. Another idea worthy of copying is the inclusion of copper accents (railing for frying pans, lamps, mixer and sink).

In an elegant kitchen from Coco Lapine Design, it's just impossible not to fall in love. Black accents give it a modern look, and the compact arrangement of the upper cabinets along just one wall provides a sense of space without compromising the storage function.

The finishing touch is a stand-alone cabinet with glass doors, which brings a moderate share of old-fashionedness.

Worktops and apron from marble add chic to the ultramodern interior from Riazzoli. But there is also something else in it that you should pay attention to: a combination of high cabinets up to the ceiling and a simple shelf, which introduces an interesting asymmetry in the configuration of the kitchen.

Opposite this wall is an open on both sides rack, acting as a kind of partition.

In this kitchen there is a close connection between the old and the new, moreover, they make a very interesting contrast.

The ultra-modern design of one side of the room (especially the appliances and the hoodcap) is balanced by the traditional appearance of the massive buffet, and yet a simple palette based on black, white and gold colors combines all these elements.

In this kitchen there is a very interesting combination of tones: dark-blue wardrobes adjoin to a greenish-gray Swedish oven and a snow-white hood cap. There are also many traditional for such interiors details: marble countertops, square tiles and golden lamps – but the way they are placed makes this space unique.

Have you decided for yourself, which of these interiors is the most attractive?

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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