How to plan a kitchen – a few simple recommendations for any interiors


It has long been customary that the kitchen is the hearth, the soul of the house, so it is so important to plan it correctly. Its interior should be balanced and harmonious. Here the family gathers together to eat and socialize. Here the hostess spends a lot of time preparing food. That is why the kitchen area should be cozy and competent, ergonomically designed.

Interior design should begin with a definition – for what, in fact, this room will serve. Will it be a place of frequent gatherings with friends over a glass of wine or will it become a laboratory for the production of culinary masterpieces? How many people will be at the same time at a large table, how often will you need to cook something? Depending on the answers to these questions, you should start planning interior kitchens and choosing household appliances.

It is estimated that the mistress of the house 60% of the time spent in the kitchen, works at the sink. The next point is the stove, then the fridge. And the distance that the woman passes in the process of cooking is not calculated in meters, but in kilometers.

Even at the beginning of the last century, the rule of the "golden triangle" was derived – this is the formula for the ideal location of the most important kitchen points. Do not reinvent the wheel, you can just apply this rule to your square meters. The optimal distance is from 1,2 to 2,7 m between the vertices of the "golden triangle".

The alignment of the interior by these parameters will help to minimize physical stress and optimize the cooking process.

The richness of the choice of kitchen furniture and various appliances and supplies can be confusing even the most practical hostess. I want to buy everything at once. But do not hurry: carefully consider the functional load of each object, consider it in terms of convenience and aesthetics.

Order in the kitchen is the basis of comfort. To keep household utensils in perfect order is not so difficult. It is enough to define each item its specific place and strictly follow the rule: put it there immediately after use. There are plenty of options for compact storage of utensils and accessories: cabinets, shelves, open racks, various organizers.

Recently, it has become very fashionable to design the kitchen "island" – a union in the middle of a working table, a sink, a stove. Of course, this is very impressive. But the island becomes convenient only if there is at least 1 m of free space around it along its perimeter. Therefore, before installing such a "squeak of fashion" in your home, you should very accurately calculate all the dimensions of the future "island".

In terms of safety, one top general lighting for the kitchen is not enough. Must be directed illumination of the working table, sink and plate. It is necessary that the beam should fall at the front or side.

Kitchen and the truth is the most necessary corner in the house. Even, we can say, the main one, because we spend more time there than, for example, in the room. I often gather my friends, relatives and friends in the kitchen at a round table. The article really helped how to make the kitchen even more cozy. Thank you so much.

Photo of the kitchen with a glass ceiling won, this is perhaps the most unusual design decision. Well and clearly shows how to distribute the work surfaces in a small area in a standard apartment. The ideas of shelves are interesting, the rack from the floor to the ceiling looks stylish and functional.

Very simple and useful advice when choosing a particular interior, materials, colors and objects in the kitchen. I think that a couple of tips and examples shown in the photos I'll take note and apply in my kitchen. So, for example, placing of kitchen utensils, for each object there should be a place.

Very cozy kitchenettes are presented in the photos in the article. Indeed, in order to make the kitchen harmonious and cozy you need to take into account a lot of small things and it is in the mix that they will give that wonderful image of a cozy and unique cuisine that you really need.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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